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  1. Sinistro mr black. Good medium stick I believe for right around $8
  2. Few places around me got these back in. $40-65 depending who has it. Hands down my favorite cigar ever. Personally I’ll smoke a Padron any day of the week over any other brand Cuban or non Cuban
  3. I see that good bottle of wellers. I wasn’t a big fan of that laranja oscuro, i liked the original laranja much more.
  4. I’m sure I’ll eventually have the casa amigos. Lots of tequila and cigars when it’s nice outside. And yes I am from Pittsburgh, still live in the city in Mt Washington
  5. I haven’t heard of it but I’m going to look into it. Maestro Dobel is a really good tequila in my opinion and it goes for about $50 in PA. It’s a blend of reposado, añejo and extra añejo tequilita but it’s clear. Really clean finish it doesn’t have the tequila bite to it in my opinion
  6. I haven’t had the 1942 yet I plan on it at some point. I’ve had the Don Julio añejo which I liked. Never had casa amigos but I recently picked up Teremana reposado, it’s not bad I think I paid $30. Corralejo blanco is a good one for like $27. If you haven’t had Don Cheyo extra añejo and you can find it, I suggest trying it. It’s in a black bottle
  7. Clase azul would be my favorite tequila to drink. Dobel is another one I drink quite a bit. Herradura was also good.
  8. Padron 50th anniversary if you can ever get your hands on one. I’m a bring Padron guy so I could go with Padron 50th anniversary Padron 1926 no 1 Padron 1964 exclusivo Padron 1926 no 90 Padron family reserve 45 non Padron would be AJ Fernández new world Espinosa laranja Plasencia alma fuerte Altar Q by Oscar Valladares Aladino corojo reserva
  9. Mark Cuban is trying to buy the O and bring it back. He’s from Mount Lebanon and went to Pitt
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