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  1. I see that good bottle of wellers. I wasn’t a big fan of that laranja oscuro, i liked the original laranja much more.
  2. I’m sure I’ll eventually have the casa amigos. Lots of tequila and cigars when it’s nice outside. And yes I am from Pittsburgh, still live in the city in Mt Washington
  3. I haven’t heard of it but I’m going to look into it. Maestro Dobel is a really good tequila in my opinion and it goes for about $50 in PA. It’s a blend of reposado, añejo and extra añejo tequilita but it’s clear. Really clean finish it doesn’t have the tequila bite to it in my opinion
  4. I haven’t had the 1942 yet I plan on it at some point. I’ve had the Don Julio añejo which I liked. Never had casa amigos but I recently picked up Teremana reposado, it’s not bad I think I paid $30. Corralejo blanco is a good one for like $27. If you haven’t had Don Cheyo extra añejo and you can find it, I suggest trying it. It’s in a black bottle
  5. Clase azul would be my favorite tequila to drink. Dobel is another one I drink quite a bit. Herradura was also good.
  6. Padron 50th anniversary if you can ever get your hands on one. I’m a bring Padron guy so I could go with Padron 50th anniversary Padron 1926 no 1 Padron 1964 exclusivo Padron 1926 no 90 Padron family reserve 45 non Padron would be AJ Fernández new world Espinosa laranja Plasencia alma fuerte Altar Q by Oscar Valladares Aladino corojo reserva
  7. Mark Cuban is trying to buy the O and bring it back. He’s from Mount Lebanon and went to Pitt
  8. jb20


    Woodford reserve is my go to. Bookers, bulleit, basil hayden, angels envy, Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig
  9. I posted in this about a year ago I believe, top of page 2. Once I got more into cigars I actually stopped smoking rocky Patel cigars they don’t have the taste profile I like. Padrons are my top, anything AJ Fernandez blends, Roma craft has good stuff, Plasencia, Espinosa has some good stuff, Steve saka blends some good ones like the umbagog and todos las días.
  10. Jimmy choo man 2 different Yves Saint Laurent Ralph Lauren red Ralph Lauren black
  11. 2019 bag Callaway epic 9 degree turned up to 10 Callaway epic 3 wood 15 degrees Callaway xr os 4 hybrid 22 degrees Callaway apex cf 16 5-aw Callaway MD4 54 w grind Odyssey white hot rx 2 ball Another week or so before indoor range time starts
  12. I would say it is my most expensive hobby. Cigars are my other one but not nearly as much as equipment and rounds of golf.
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