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  1. I’d like to point out that I just posted my delay email. Was drunk when I pre-ordered so don’t really give a s*** if they ever show up. I’ll be fine without them.
  2. Got an email today, pre-order due 9/14 now delayed until late November.
  3. Spider X Great shape for being played. I take care of the club. No dings in paint. Evenroll grip. $160 shipped.
  4. Super jealous. Congratulations! Looks great.
  5. Anyone placed an order at TM recently? Specifically the 770s? I was looking to order a set with MMT shafts and the est ship date is 6/25. That accurate based on your experience?
  6. May be in my head, but I feel more confident in the 5’ and closer putts.
  7. I “think” I would like to make the switch to graphite irons. I am currently gaming Modus 105s in Stiff flex. My swing speed is declining. I would love to know if there is a benefit such as maintaining distance vs steel in addition to the vibration dampening? Which model should I be looking at if I have an 85-90mph driver swing speed? Thank you!
  8. $34.77. If it makes a few putts in my game it pays for itself. That’s my hope anyway.
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