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  1. good day.. I am not sure where to ask this question but I will ask in this thread. I received an Email from Golfwrx promotions. The email informs me that I was pre-selected for a Patriot B-2 Driver on the house. is this a legit email.. It asks me to call a phone number & to submit a Authorization number if i accept.. Unsure about this..
  2. Good day. I have a couple question.. Hoping that is ok. Will an M6 shaft adapter fit in to a Sim2 driver head? also I am looking to purchase a Diamana s60 Limited driver shaft. anyone have experience with this. This person would like to know.
  3. Good day. Is the R11s shaft adapter compatible with the M series drivers? and what size is the R11s adapter? .335 or .355? Thanks.
  4. What about the sole? The sole usually will have more contact with the ground & sand.
  5. Alright, excellent. I'm wondering if Ben Hogan Company warranties the blacks for wear? Hm. just thinking out loud. Thanks.
  6. Hey!! How is the wear on these black irons? thinking of getting the black instead of the chrome.
  7. good day. where can a person find a black offset shaft for EXO 7 putter.. Any golf proshop or directly from Odyssey? Let me know people!
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