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  1. It is still available and I would consider just selling the head/cover/tool.
  2. Going through my clubs and clearing the way for new. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures. Titleist 917 D3 with Oban Devotion 7 shaft . 8.5 degrees standard length. Head cover and tool included. Club has only been played for a few rounds. Lamkin UTX grip. SOLD 2 pairs of Puma Ignite spikeless golf shoes. Size 12. Worn for 25 rounds or thereabouts. Great condition. No smell. SOLD Exotics CBX Hybrid. 17 degrees with Hzrdous Black 85 gram shaft. Standard length. Lamkin UTX grip. Club only has a few rounds on it. SOLD
  3. Thanks for the info. I was kind of wondering about that as the longer irons are pretty soft so I thought it might be a stepped or flighted type of shaft.
  4. Hey all, I have an old set of Henry Griffitts irons that have True Temper UDIC shafts in them. I was just trying to get some general information on the shaft. I found one page online of a guy talking about swing weights and listed the UDIC on the page as having a 125 gram weight. Just curious to see if anyone knew about the general profile of the shaft and if it compared to anything that True Temper currently has out there. I reached out to True Temper directly but they never got back to me.
  5. An amazing set of Wilson V6 irons for sale. This was my project last winter. I hate to see the clubs go but I'm just not good enough to play them. Clubs are 4-GW with True Temper Tour Issue AMT S400 shafts. Shafts are 1/2" longer than standard. Lofts are standard. The clubs were built by a certified club builder. Shafts have been spined. Ferrules are BB&F and add a great classic look to the clubs. Clubs are bent to 1 degree flat. They have Lamkin UTX grips on them. Overall, the clubs have about 10 rounds on them. The 4 & 5 irons do have noticeable dings on the sole from when they were
  6. Love the HG's. I grew up playing those clubs. I just changed my HG irons last year for some Ping I200's. I'll be honest in saying that the HG's are still better.
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