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  1. Anything w/out the microhinge would be welcome by me. I know some people love it but its not for everyone.
  2. I have one of the old Wilson golf history catalogs that shows all of their catalog offerings going back to the 1930's and didn't see this ball in there anywhere. My guess is, since these balls say "custom made" is that this could have been a made for model sold through different distribution channels and not Wilson dealers. Can't be sure though.
  3. Actually Sfd732 made it painfully obvious that what we are seeing is impact damage caused by force being applied there to cause the fibers to push inward. You added the transit part. "...The second picture shows the carbon fiber being broken inward, not outward. I can only come to the conclusion that the club was subjected to some form of impact from the outside inward. Smashing on ground into tee marker, into a tree, etc..."
  4. He's just one of those guys who clothes don't hang well on. He's always been that way. Nothing he wears looks good.
  5. the bishop


    Tom Watson! I knew it!
  6. gotta admit, this one made me chuckle. hope you get the pouch cover
  7. Here, here! Don't condone it but I get it. Always a fave.
  8. Ever been to Primm? Now THAT's the desert. 36 hole facility that's also a Fazio design that as I heard it had to be built on the California side of the border because Vegas wouldn't allow any more Fazio designs. Or something like that. That part may be totally false but makes a good story. Anyway there's a desert course and a Lakes course there and when you're on the Lakes you wouldn't know you're on the only green spor for miles. Anyway, never played Shadow Creek but it sure looks great.
  9. Lol. Didn't think of it that way, but you know, you're right.
  10. ...reads headline *click*. OH, for Covid. Nevermind.
  11. As a guy who went to high school in Bakersfield, this made me laugh!
  12. This is the thing w/BDC's approach. When it's on - it's spectacular. But when he gets a little off it can be spectacularly bad. The end result will be that he's a guy who's in the conversation most weeks and is gonna win his fair share. So we want to change the game for that?
  13. Love watching SYK when she's feeling it. She can just put the accelerator down and pull away. Fun leaderboard right now. Good number of players that have a chance that I wouldn't mind seeing win - SYK being one of them.
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