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  1. Oh believe me, I know. I've spent the last 2 range sessions focusing solely on slowing down transition. When I get too quick in transition that translates to nothing but dead pulls for me. I've been following this thread and the Autoflex threads with interest.
  2. And more power to them if they do. I just thought it was interesting because I'm not sure I remember any other instances of one club company licensing out proprietary technology to another club company. Not saying it hasn't happened in the past but its got to be pretty rare if it has.
  3. Point taken but you can't make it if you don't try and that's all he's indicating he's gonna do. Giving himself a timeline of 12 years (which is kinda funny in itself) suggests he's under no illusions that it'll be either easy or that he'll even make it. Many have tried and most have failed so the odds aren't on his side. I would agree with you on the sponsor exemption part - that's entirely played out and not even interesting anymore. So Johnny if you're gonna do it, do it the old fashioned way.
  4. I don't hate these. Would want the 11 myself but the 11.5 looks good as well.
  5. Interesting. Bottom says "Sik face technology". So they licensed the descending loft tech from Sik? I mean I get the Bryson connection and all but a bit surprised.
  6. I hope he makes it. The pro-am stories might be legend.
  7. You didn't mention the worst mistake they made - they sent you a left handed one! I keed, I keed... But you are right, they advertise a premium product and I don't blame you for being bothered by a blem like that. Hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction.
  8. Posters keep referencing "TMAG" in this thread, but as someone else pointed out, TMAG no longer exists. So knock it off. Lol.
  9. I think he's referring to the spacing gap between the white insert and black surround not being consistent putter to putter.
  10. It could be a mechanical issue with the picker. The course I practice at has that problem frequently.
  11. Titleist about to tell Cam Smith he's reached his free ball limit for the month.
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