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  1. I have not bought from them personally but I wouldn't hesitate either. They've got at least one brick and mortar store in SoCal that I never went to but they seem to carry a lot of JDM stuff and other hard to get things as well as the usual. Never heard anything bad about them but not really trying either.
  2. What if? I hate hypotheticals that come with no rational basis why it would happen. Why would you even ask that? Is there a scenario you could see this happening? Tired of seeing the U.S. squad get housed every two years? Me too but that's not a reason to stop playing it.
  3. When Brooks reaches his potential, it'll just be him and Poults.
  4. Tiger was in win mode, crush the competition all the time - major or not. He said on multiple occasions if he's teeing it up he's there to win and his record bears that out. Brooks has won regular Tour events and had some good finishes but overall his record in non-majors suggests he's not of the same mindset. And to his credit he shows up in majors - with regularity. But Tiger's approach to non-majors is what allowed his closure rate in majors to be what it was. Jack as well. That doesn't seem to register with Brooks or if it does he doesn't care and thinks he can flip the switch enough times to catch Tiger or Jack. Doubt it will happen but respect him voicing it.
  5. Nice find! Had a set of those once and regret getting rid of them.
  6. Funny you say that because there's never been a middle ground with him. He's either been hair farmer Hunter or corporate Hunter but you never see the in between.
  7. I haven't read every response in this thread but c'mon? Overrated? If so is that his fault? Donald Ross designed many, many courses during his career. Not all would be masterpieces of course. So what if Podunk Valley C.C. doesn't compare favorably w/Pinehurst #2? Donald Ross was a man, confined to any restraints that would affect any other man. Maybe Podunk Valley had enough $$ to hire Ross so they could put his name on it but then gave him a budget that resulted in a competent, benign design. Was he supposed to turn that work down? He had to keep his own lights on.
  8. The current Infinite line represents good value for money, but you have to like counterbalance because the entire lineup is. So I'd be open to a higher end line that is not counterbalanced. Not that I have anything against counterbalanced putters - I have a couple myself but its a love/hate type of relationship. So a higher end, premium line would be good. And hopefully some quality headcovers because the ones in the Infinite line are hot garbage.
  9. This course looks great on tv. Would love to play it.
  10. What's worse? Commericals and playing through or 9 holes of uninterrupted Azinger?
  11. We know its not stingerfade! Na a Callaway staffer!
  12. On the contrary. Bobcat was equally evangelical about SLDR irons as he was about the driver.
  13. Cantlay has picked an opportune time to suddenly become the best putter on the planet.
  14. If Bobcat hadn't gone and gotten himself banned he'd chime in with a different answer.
  15. For the 8-pc custom set they have inadvertantly listed the single club custom price. If you select 7-pc and 6-pc custom options the correct price populates.
  16. Yeah that simplifies things for sure
  17. "And we're fixin' to crack down on slow play too"
  18. I was kidding too but sometimes context gets lost. No worries.
  19. Well I wasn't, but you clearly are.
  20. "It's easy to grin when your ship comes in. And you've got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat."
  21. Xander shot the lowest 4 rounds in relation to par last year but finished second by 3 shots to DJ.
  22. Interesting. I wonder if he's got a stake in the company or anything like that?
  23. They look like a refresh of Oakley Frogskins, but IDK what brand they were. Adidas perhaps? edit: actually they looked like these: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9444?variant=888392464927
  24. Yes I use the Tour Velvet Plus 4 midsize on all my clubs. Saves me the hassle of having to instruct to build up only the bottom hand. Love them.
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