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  1. Titleist drivers are so classic looking. Good to hear it's done you well. I've hit TMs and I just can't find the sweet spot like I can with the Ping. I hit a Titleist for a few rounds and really liked the look and feel. Thanks for the comment!
  2. That sucks - Noted! Thanks for the insight - and good luck yourself!
  3. Good callout on the dirt/debris. I certainly make sure any ball I hit off the tee is clean, on the range or course.
  4. Haha - I know a PLD guy. Might have to try his gear!!
  5. Apologies for the low key flex, but I'm on my 4th Ping G410 LST Driver head in about 18 months. After about 15 rounds, the face cracks about 1cm from the top. I've been sending them back to PING and they have replaced each one free of charge, but it's getting annoying. My swing speed is about 120-125mph, so I understand that is at the top end of OEM driver tolerances. Anyone else have this issue with PING? Or other drivers? Has anyone had this issue and found a driver that has lasted longer?
  6. Love the G410. Great look (square) and greatest feel of any driver I've hit (subjective, I know). I think it's worth going to a GolfTec or Club Champion and trying a number of drivers/shafts out.
  7. Asking $120 (from $160) obo, shipped. This is a SUPER CLEAN custom-built Ping G410 Crossover 17* 2i. It has a True Temper Dynalite 105 x stiff steel shaft. Club has a midsize Winn Dri Tac grip. The grip is a little worn, but plenty of life left. Standard black dot L/L. This club is guaranteed to make your friends weep when you out-drive them with an iron (results may vary). DM me if you have any questions.
  8. Depends on the courses you play, imo. If you belong to a club you play 90% of the time, your bag should fit what you need most for that course. The course I typically play is fairly short, relative to other courses, so my bag goes Driver to a 17* 2i. But if I play a longer course, I might throw the 3w in the bag to replace the 2i.
  9. Here is a FLAWLESS Stroke Lab putter up for sale. She's a beaut. 33" putter. Barely used. COMES WITH THE WEIGHT SET for you endless tinkerers. Comes with headcover. Comes with brand new grip. Hard to pass up. Come get you some. $200 delivered, OBO. No trades at the moment. Thanks guys!
  10. Sounds like a Brad Paisley song...
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