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  1. Had these great intentions to make this post super pic heavy and thought I was being clever by taking all the photos with my high res camera phone and went to add all the photos and realized that there is a 50mb max... which was about 3 of my high res photos. So I cropped some of the photos to make the file size smaller and added them. If you want more pics I have a bunch of them available and can send additional photos. Keep in mind they are very high res so zoom in to view any details as needed. First item up: 1.) Set of 8 gray Golf Pride MCC+4 standard size grip pulls. Grips are in great shape, I haven't personally even used them, I prefer cp2 wraps. I pulled them off some Callaway preowned clubs I had gotten a little while back. SOLD: $40/shipped priority usps via PP Second item up: 2.) Maltby PTM 6i head only like new. Got it to try out, nice club but not for me. Has been sitting around so I wanted to pass it along to someone else to try. Only disclaimer for this one is that I suck at removing paint fill so there is some scratching along the words/maltby symbol in the cavity. Tried to capture it the best I could in the photo so zoom in to see it. Price: $16/shipped priority usps via PP -practically giving it away Third item up: 3.) Callaway Mack Daddy 2 forged 60 Degree - 10 Bounce U-grind in the raw slate finish. Pretty limited wear on the face, very little rust considering how long I've had it. I think I've kept it around simply because it's my favorite finish out there. The raw finish just isn't the same as having slate raw like this imo. Price: $35/shipped priority usps via PP Again, if anyone wants more pics just send me a pm and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for looking.
  2. 1. Yes I signed up 2. I'd love to win the Tour BX 3. Too late to predict but it would have been cool to see Koepka win it with -8 to get another open victory
  3. I would say Id like to see improved site search capabilities. Ive been having issues with searching - sometimes ill go to search thru the classifieds, and upon initiating the search a time out box will pop up saying please wait 5 seconds before searching. Other search related things I would change would be separating the classifieds from for sale archived searches.
  4. I like that the pages seem to load much much faster both via desktop and mobile now
  5. Location: Manchester, NH Handicap: 18 Current Putter: Wilson Staff 8843 - 345 Biggest Struggle when putting: Main struggle is distance control Model I'd like to test: #3 Agree to participate in the testing thread with reviews/photos: Yes, yes, and yes Agree to write a review for Cleveland's website: Yes definitely
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