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  1. I would say Id like to see improved site search capabilities. Ive been having issues with searching - sometimes ill go to search thru the classifieds, and upon initiating the search a time out box will pop up saying please wait 5 seconds before searching. Other search related things I would change would be separating the classifieds from for sale archived searches.
  2. I like that the pages seem to load much much faster both via desktop and mobile now
  3. Location: Manchester, NH Handicap: 18 Current Putter: Wilson Staff 8843 - 345 Biggest Struggle when putting: Main struggle is distance control Model I'd like to test: #3 Agree to participate in the testing thread with reviews/photos: Yes, yes, and yes Agree to write a review for Cleveland's website: Yes definitely
  4. I keep seeing comments over and over again over the years about stronger lofts producing more distance and weak lofts producing less distance. Lofts dont change distance, they change trajectory. The club head speed that you swing a specified club at does not change from just modifying the loft. If you swing your 4 iron at 90 mph at 24 degrees and that same club is bent to 22 degrees, your club head speed will still be 90 mph... The trajectory will simply change. Tweaking the loft of clubs is not useless by any means. Distance can still be altered when the trajectory is altered. For a more dra
  5. Long time buyer on here, first time seller. For sale are a set of 10 Golf Pride MCC plus 4 grips from a set of shafts that I purchased on the BST a little while back. They seem to be in great shape. Don't seem to have any significant wear on the paint fill. Never swung by me, I prefer wrap style grips and am invested in CP2 wraps. Pulled them myself with a golfworks metal grip remover and mineral spirits. Keeping it simple for the first sale and making the post pic heavy with high res photos both with flash and without. Price is $45/shipped via paypal in the conus only, not really interested
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