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  1. I just got this cuz the price was right on Amazon of all places ($65). Pretty nice fit and should be perfect for Bay Area golf. Looks like price went up a bit. As for sizing, I am a medium in polos from the other brands(Nike, Greyson, Bonobos) and got a large in this which fits great. https://www.lacoste.com/us/lacoste/men/clothing/sweatshirts/men-s-sport-stretch-zippered-collar-sweatshirt/193869160678.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtZH7BRDzARIsAGjbK2ZEo-OAUa-2eAi0hK5D5GiORGgUcD5_xQfSHswul7hTELhyznXt_ZQaAqmREALw_wcB
  2. Great price, if these were 11’s I’d have myself a third pair. GLWS.
  3. Hell of a deal on these, just got a 3i on the bay for a lot more. Love the club, straight rocket launcher. GLWS.
  4. It's possible that they're closing early due to Covid. Our local Golf Mart in South SF (part of worldwide golf shops) is closing at 6 these days. Used to be open a couple of hours later pre-Covid. I called and they confirmed. GG might be doing the same.
  5. Sorry if I'm missing it in the pictures - what fit are the RLX pants? I see the Bonobos are the athletic fit - do the RLX fit relatively similar?
  6. Hi guys, As the title says, looking for any first hand feedback on these two. After extensive research, I am increasingly converging on these as my carry (usual reasons - quality, looks, no branding, decent space/storage etc). Would love any feedback. Specifically, looking to understand balance, comfort on shoulder, on course performance (stand system for example) type stuff. I currently use a push cart with a Titleist 14-way but hoping to transition to carry. There is an OK amount of info on Vessel but feedback on the Shapland is hard to come by, probably because how new they are (appear in s
  7. As the title says. Gently used - I used it for the one week when I originally got it about 3 months ago and it's been sitting in my garage since then. Don't remember even trying on the red one. Haven't seen one on sale lately so if I'm off on my price, please send reasonable offers; trying to recoup roughly what I paid for. Can get this out today if someone comes through with payment.
  8. Didn’t kick out the TS3 huh? :) That was my experience too. GLWS.
  9. Title says it, here are additional details: Eating my medicine and going more forgiving (10.5 TS2) so this one is up for sale. Clubhead has ~10 rounds with minimal range time. Pictures say it all - pristine crown, bottom has minor scratches (you can barely see them), face is similarly great condition with minor scratches consistent with play (tried to capture really close pictures). I can ship this out as early as tomorrow USPS priority. $old OBRO shipped CONUS. No headcover/wrench, but will be shipped safely. Have an aftermarket +4g weight which I will ship with the head (which has the factor
  10. If these are your “garage sets”, what is in your bag? GLWS
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