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  1. Just one item tonight - Titleist 3iron with stock Hzrdus Smoke 90g 6.0 shaft and a nearly new Winn Dritac midsize grip. Playing length shown (39.5). This iron has 3 rounds and minimal range time, very quickly realized this isn't for me and going back to my hybrid. Price $190 OBRO shipped conus, pictures tell the story. DM me with any more questions. Not looking for any trades at this time.
  2. That is one sharp bag. What model is that? Hope it's not just for team titleist or something.
  3. Moving on to the TSI3 so these are on the block. TS2 10.5 head in good condition - crown, sole and face as pictured. There are slight crown marks that were there when I bought it on here, barely visible at address, tried to capture as best as I could in the images. The shaft came out of a brand new TSI3, plays standards length (44.5" shaft length as pictured) and is in mint condition with standard tour velvet 360 grip. I hit about 20 balls with it to compare against my pro orange which won out. I will throw in the TSI headcover to whoever buys the head.
  4. Mine get here tomorrow, can't wait. They look nice. GLWS.
  5. Waiting for Santa to deliver it, but leaning towards the players 3 (they just released 3.0). My reasoning is that I have two lightweight bags already so this would be a replacement for my bulky (for my needs) Titleist cart bag. Hope that helps.
  6. All white are the sharpest in the Vessel lineup imo. I’m just hesitant because of how wet Bay Area courses generally are when I play. I’d be thinking about keeping the bag clean more than my next shot haha.
  7. Ah bummer. No wonder all the older models are selling out. Thanks for the info.
  8. Awesome thanks guys, would love a review when you get a chance. Torn a bit between the cart and the players iii. Also, they’re doing a 20% off for Black Friday since 11/13. If you didn’t get that discount, you may want to hit them up and see if they honor it. It’s a decent chunk of change on these.
  9. Please let me know if you'd be willing to split head and shaft on the TSI3, I'll take the head if so. Thank you.
  10. Gents, moving on from this shaft (and replaced head too while at it). I hit 3W mostly off tee and need something more tip stiff. Smooth shaft, easy to get the ball in the air off deck, just hooks a tad too much off the tee for my swing. Club plays right at 43", has a great condition NDMC plus 4 grip on it. Comes with a basically new OEM headcover, no wrench. Price reflects the head condition - I took up-close pictures of a slightly botched paint job I tried to repair a sky mark. Really doesn't affect performance, this thing is a bomber. Shaft in great condition. Shoot
  11. Vessel and Stitch get a lot of love on here. I’ve been eyeing a vessel lite.
  12. So the top compartment can be lifted up and cart strap goes under it, they show in the video and it seems to work ok. But this brings up the point that a handle is no longer available. I like the black and navy colorways from prior gen model better though.
  13. Just saw them on their website. Been eyeing their cart bag and the new one (https://vesselbags.com/collections/trending-golf/products/lux-xv-cart?variant=32562010587196) looks sweet. The player iii looks nice too (https://vesselbags.com/collections/trending-golf/products/player-iii-stand). Which one are you guys feeling among the new drops?
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