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  1. I can imagine that ad being written in crayon for some reason.
  2. I have had pretty good results with the Kuro Kage, but I am also about to try the Rogue silver.
  3. I may have missed a little work for some course time.
  4. I am not familiar with any courses in this area, but you might look around the Orlando area or Daytona area.
  5. I was playing with some friends when one of them started hitting everything fat, and I mean really fat. He was slinging dirt on every shot and getting madder by the minute. Finally, my other friend asked him if he was trying to plant potatoes to which the response was a 7 iron launched into the woods. I found it without him seeing me find his club. I stuck it in my bag and off we went. He cried about losing his 7 iron for the next several holes, and he kept planting taters as well. It was a hoot when I stuck his iron back in his bag while he was on a green and he suddenly found it on the next
  6. Took him today with 4 hours of daylight left. I made sure that he hit first on most of the holes and it had him moving right along. We did not have to let anyone play through, and he shot more than 120. I think he may have figured out how to get moving a little better. He took some quick drops on obviously lost balls and some other moves that kept him going. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far. He does seem to enjoy the game. He gets distracted because he is an extremely detail oriented person and is like a kid trying to take everything in. I honestly don't remember how I learned course etiquette because I practically grew up on the course playing with the other kids.
  8. My buddy has decided to take up golf after some encouragement from his boss. We play together every other week or so, and he is SLOW. Part of his speed is being new to golf and can be attributed to his abilit, but part of it is that he gets distracted by things on the course. This usually results in other groups catching up to us and me having to keep an eye on things to make sure we are not holding play up. How do you guys encourage a playing partner to speed up without having to seem like you are lecturing them?
  9. At my home course there is not a restroom on the front 9, so I have a spot that I normally stop by behind a tee box. I can't see any possible way that someone mows, walks around, or does much else in that spot. Now, while down at Kiva Dunes last week, the starter warned my wife and me to check the restrooms for snakes because of the warm days and cold nights. Like the post above, I had to clear the stall for my wife.
  10. It appears that Lamkin has several of their grips on sale. I grabbed some Crossline Ace grips to try out.
  11. You are covered if they show up not as described, or if they simply never show. Worst case is you might be out of shipping costs if you had to return them, but that is not even etched in stone.
  12. I played both Cotton Creek and Kiva last week. Both were in great shape. I would lean toward Cotton Creek personally, as it was a bit more scenic. The greens were slightly more firm at Kiva. You won't go wrong with either of them.
  13. You are right about driving distances. I use Game Golf to track my shots. I just got back from a couple days playing Bay Hill and my driver and fairway wood shots were shorter than my home course here in Atlanta. I can highly recommend Canyon Ridge. A few of the holes are quirky (in a fun way) and some of the views are not to be believed. Also when I played there, you could rent townhomes to stay in. They had hree bedrooms that could handle 4 people. I just got back from Kiva and Craft Farms yesterday. I thought I had a lead weight in my ball by how short my drives seemed.
  14. Does anyone know of a retailer that is running a deal on the Clicgear 3.5 right now?
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