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  1. First application this year and was hoping for some beginner's luck... We regret! I guess I'm in good company at least.
  2. Yeah right so guys play well and winning don't grow the game, but guy who plays badly and need to be motivated by Playboy model to go to the Masters will?
  3. Also think 6 hole match play puts extra pressure on players as at that level, pretty much a single mistake can literally lose you the match.
  4. I also think fatigue has an impact on players on such a hot summer day. Khongwatmai had played an extra round of 6 holes, meaning he played 30 high intensity holes in total. Probably ran out of steam at the end. I was rooting for Brett but Khongwatmai was also amazing on Sunday.
  5. Great outcome, Rumford fully deserves it! So happy for a Perth local to win his home event!
  6. I heard an official explained that European players asked to change to normal counting of strokes in all shoot outs because they will gain ranking points.
  7. I really enjoyed it too. I was right with Louis Oosthuizen's group when he hit his par 4 eagle, that was pretty amazing. Three round of play offs are also fun. looking forward to tomorrow's knock out rounds.
  8. Mental health is a serious and complex issue. By no means condoning any forms of DUI, but I hope AH gets the best help possible and comes out in a better state. Don
  9. Yes I'll go on the weekend as well. Still a good field of European and Asian pros as well as Aussies, so hopefully they will put on a good show. Go Curtis Luck!
  10. World Number 9 Patrick Reed has withdrawn from the ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth due to illness. http://www.worldsuper6perth.com/reed-withdraws-from-isps-handa-world-super-6-perth/ Thats disappointing, saw him play at the waste management and doesn't seem to have any issus. Most likely long flights are the problem. Don
  11. FWIW, they cover all four days of the farmers insurance open this week. But only the first two days of the career builder last week.
  12. Sometimes all 4 rounds, other times only the first two, and it doesn't cover tournaments in December and early January. I subscribed since middle of last year but am still not sure if there are any rule of thumb for coverage. IMHO, the subscription fee is quite reasonable so I enjoy watching whenever it's available and when I can (living in Australia so timing is not ideal in general). Cheers, Don
  13. We have all been there Don. Just keep swinging. Thanks Spags! Full swings all the way.
  14. I've just started golf this year. No HC yet so my target in 2017 is to break 100 and achieve a HC of under 30. A little embarrassed really for such low aspiration here in GolfWRX, but one has to start somewhere. Cheers and Happy New year everyone! Don
  15. When playing solo, keep hitting "provisionals" at the tee box until one lands on the fairway. Then go searching for all wayward slices...
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