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  1. RAZR Hawk Tour with the original Whiteboard. Hit high fade bombs. Still wish the bottom skid plate didn't fly off or I would still be gaming to this day.
  2. Well finally decided to get fitted... Srixon 785s were really able to knock down my spin rate and added raw MD4 wedges. Also decided to switch from a 95 Scotty Newport to the Evnroll 3. All the crappy greens I play I figured I needed some new groove technology!
  3. Longest and straightest driver I have ever played is the Callaway FT Tour. Sets up great and HOT off the face.
  4. > @Pinging77 said: > > @Rig14Port said: > > these look like the new prototype putters that showed up a couple weeks ago... please let these be early retail offerings!!! > > Sorry not early retail offerings. Straight Scotty Cameron stamp on face or GSS, putter starts at $6,500 if you could find one. 10+ years ago there was a shop in Ohio that would occasionally get a few of these from the tour...no more.. > I live close to the golf course in Ohio that use to sell tour Cameron putters. Scotty decided to cut out the middle man and open his open shop. Smart business m
  5. Looks like he caught it dead off the heel. None the less, lucky the head went down range!
  6. > @Titletown said: > > @RH82 said: > > Nice putter but having a top line and a line on the flange would drive me nuts. > > it makes me cringe I agree 100% The putter is beautiful, but consciously or subconsciously trying to line up both top and flange line would drive me insane!
  7. I experience the same issues and thought the best way to go about solving balooning shots into the wind was to get fitted. I found out that the right club head and shaft can lower your spin rates, but the biggest factor is your dynamic loft at impact. I am a flipper and the fitter helped me understand that decreasing the dynamic loft will not only lower your ball flight, but decrease the spin rate.
  8. I would have to think the 86 Masters was better than 2019. However, the better story line is Tiger winning. People thought this guy was never even going to win again let alone win a major.
  9. I like seeing that the Z785s are getting a lot of love. Just confirms I made the right choice. IMO the Z785s are extremely forgiving and look phenomenal at address. If you are looking for a low spin forgiving "Players Iron" no need to look any further.
  10. For me any Callaway Hybrid made in the past few years are absolute bombers! I've had the Apex, XHot and also the Razr hybrids. Almost too long to a fault. Sometimes I would catch some low spinners and they would absolutely just fly! Not ideal when trying to hit a specific number going into a Par 5.
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