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  1. The 38 degree 7 iron is a typo and should be 28 degree, simple critical thinking should have allowed you to make the correction. Complaints about the number stamped on the iron fall on deaf ears; the six iron spec is a strong 4 iron to my past sets, but if you read the article, the launch angle will be close to the traditional lofted irons with more ball speed for a greater range of shot peak, and a increased angle of drop into the green increasing the stopping power to place shots closer to hole locations from longer distances; a double improvement. My tourney set has a 49 degree Pw, and a 29
  2. Best shot of the year had to be the downhill chip from over the green after circling the green for 15 minutes to stay away from the huge black bear at Whistler Golf Course. Out of heavy brush to 6 feet and shook the putt in for par.
  3. When I played Jr College golf in Northern California, my hot setup way the J's Professional Weapon bent open to reduce effective loft from 9.5 to 7.5 - 8; 43.5 inch LM70 Graphite shaft, Titleist Tour 100 Balata ball, 116 mph swing speed (normal swing, not out of my shoes) normal carry 270 yards. Playing on some really funky Muni or low end country Club courses, my scoring average was 76, years best average that year was 70. Dreams of turning professional until paired with a Golden State Tour Pro for 1 round. He had me by 8 strokes and if he hadn't 3 putted a couple of time it would have been 1
  4. Theory states that more mass will increase force, given equal speed, but my experience is more head weight with more grip weight slows the speed of the stroke, giving me, personally, more precise ball speed as it takes more force from me to make small change in ball speed. Back in the day, there were Jumbo grips and Tiger grips to increase grip size and reduce small muscle involvement. Back then I would use lead tape to give back some of the swingweight feel, not all. The last 23 years I joined a club with West Coast Poa greens, Stimp speeds of 10 in the winter, 14 in the summer. Not unusual
  5. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the WRXers who have sold me items I wanted for various projects. Every item has been mint to near mint, I would never have as much success on ebay or 2nd swing/used resellers.
  6. Usually 250 - 270, Occasional 340s on down hill down wind desert courses. Home course, 230 on one, short par 4, and 240 on two, long par 5, up hill into the wind. August and no wind 260 and 280.
  7. Moved from back in the pack to qualifying for a Mid Am with 4 in a row on the back nine, in front of the Assistant Golf Pro caddying for a CC member in the group. Likely had more 82 - 83 playing 6 days a week 3 rounds a day against the assistant pro, shot 8 under 62 once and still lost all three ways.
  8. When I played 3-4 times a week, I played carry to the pin (laser yardage since 96), qualified for Mid Am on my home course, missed cut for Shinnicok Hills Open. Now injured and recovering from knee surgery, I would play to 2-3 yards short of back fringe, unless it is a front pin, then 2-3 yards past middle of green. The ortho can not say when I will be back on course, but it is killing me that I can not play right now. In regards to google earth, I put together a yardage book for my home course that does not offer one, was great for when I played different tees to comply with the requirements
  9. Network exec's are clueless, I have stopped watching men's or women's golf for the last 7 years. DVR fast forward to a shot I am actually interested in, no commercials, no talking heads, no post round interviews with a competitor that's 7 shots back or having a bad stretch. Women's British Open, showing us Ko missing the cut, while eventual champion In Yung Kim was 3 under for the day at that time. They did go to replay to show her eagle putt to take the lead, but as they followed her later, no tee shots, some approaches, all her missed putts. Not watching has increased my practice time, more
  10. How much just for the heads?? I have shafts.. thank you!!! Same question for the heads, I have 10 sets of shafts laying around to upgrade any club purchase. PM me; PM sent.
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