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  1. I did something completely out of character over the winter. I got rid of them all, started fresh with a One and Done and ordered my first custom from Byron. Went and rolled a White Hot OG the other day, but restrained myself from buying it. Trying to remain faithful, for now.
  2. It’s going to sound terrible, but as soon as I saw it and hit it I knew it would be in the bag regardless of what the numbers were. I figured I’d be able to find something that worked with it to get the numbers in a good spot. It just won the beauty contest and I couldn’t look at the Ping anymore no matter how good I hit it
  3. Thank you! I played the Ventus line last year also in a G410 LST driver, a SIM Ti fairway and a SIM UDI. It’s been so good that I felt I could move to something a bit faster and lower spin in the driver and not give up much consistency. So far I haven’t lost any and the TSi3 is quite a bit faster, for me, than the LST was. I got rid of the SIM Ti pretty quick. It wasn’t my favorite off of the fairway, and it just went too long off of the tee for what I wanted out of it. Hit the TSi2s and they’re the best all around fairways I’ve hit in a long time.
  4. As much as I agree with the game being too slow, I disagree with this statement. The goal is to shoot the lowest score possible, that’s how you win, and if that means needing to take extra time to wait then go ahead and do it. This is an issue at some of the local clubs in my area. Some of the par 4s are reachable for longer hitters. During a normal round I’ll lay up but if it’s any kind of tournament or match I’m not going to concern myself with the pace of play and miss out on the opportunity to score better.
  5. Not sure what irons you have in your sights, but the T100/T100s are a great progression of the AP2 line. I love mine. A bit smaller looking overall, but super forgiving given their size.
  6. Unfortunately I've only had the chance to play one round with it so far, and I took a cart. It was great on the cart though, no tangle at all, didn't bounce around or fall out. I have no complaints with it there. I've been using it in the garage the last couple of weeks pulling clubs in and out to hit into a net. I've got the straps set up and adjusted and they're pretty comfortable. I have pretty broad shoulders and typically tend to lean towards carrying single strap due to the way the doubles fit, but this one feels great with both on. Bag is nice and light. I haven't had it in any adverse
  7. What neck did you have on the Gunboat? They’re running the mini at 245 right now and it’s hard not to pull the trigger on one.
  8. Lie angle should always be for dynamically. I wouldn’t adjust anything based off of static measurements. Apex Pros will be pretty easy to adjust once you get them at a nearby shop. If you’re dead set on ordering them at an adjusted lie, keep in mind most manufacturers are 1/2* of lie angle and 1/2” length between clubs. So if you’re adjusting a 1/4” you’re only looking at a 1/4* of lie angle change, based on the static measurements.
  9. I agree with the above. Trackmans outdoor benefit is only there if it can track the full flight. If you’re hitting it into a net it’s virtually the same as being “indoor” in terms of what Trackman will see. Quad is the way.
  10. I definitely wouldn’t use sand paper. You could try a light buffing compound and then wax. I use the stuff below and it works great. Chemical Guys Wax
  11. There’s a white pair with gold accents in the catalog, same as the color way as the white and gold Pro S/L, that has the same launch date listed as the others but can’t find it anywhere. When I asked FJ about it I never got a reply. I was holding out on ordering a pair until those were available but I’m going to order the black ones after reading the reviews here from everyone.
  12. I use this one, from Amazon. Has a little bungee cord and a zipper. I just use the bungee when I’m playing as it’s quick and easy, but use the zipper and bungee when transporting my bag around. Range finder case
  13. Who's distances from the course match up with the Quad?
  14. He's also the reigning World Long Drive champ from 2020.
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