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  1. I just decluttered. I have the clubs I occasionally rotate into the bag; 60* with different bounce, 64* wedge and alternate putter.
  2. The guys that hate the now were in their prime in the 70s
  3. I’d say the 90s in general. The men in baggy pants and shirts was equally as bad.
  4. I wouldn’t consider myself a good putter or a bad putter. I don’t three putt often, but at the same time my putter doesn’t do me many favors either For the season I averaged 1.67 per hole and 1.89 per gir for a total of 29.98 per round.
  5. Just subscribed. Seems like a different approach. Would be interested in the Extreme Soft Gold with the Elephant Mental Mate
  6. That’s what I’m trying to eliminate. Trying to spread the gaps a bit further at the top end of the bag
  7. After the replies and some additional research I’m going to do the build as follows: T100S 4: 20* (2 strong) at 38 7/8” 5: 25* (standard) at 38 1/4” 6: 30* (2 weak) at 37 5/8” 7: 34* (2 weak) at 37 1/8” 8: 38* (2 weak) at 36 5/8” 9: 42* (2 weak) at 36 1/8” PW: 46* (2 weak) at 35 3/4” GW-LW: 50, 55, 60 at 35 3/4”
  8. Same for me personally. I ordered mine first week of September and my MMCs just got here last week.
  9. I know as far as the big box stores go, I used to work in one, they return the old demo heads or sell them as “used” when the new heads come in. Seeing as we see demo heads in carts well before the release of the new product he may just simply not have them any longer thus he can’t fit you into “old” technology. As far as being forced into not doing it thats plausible and would vary by each manufacturer. I’d assume all accounts are different based on their size. A smaller shop may have to return the current model before receiving the new model or something along those lines.
  10. I have this conversation all the time when I’m playing with someone new. I virtually always walk (push) and I find myself playing much more consistently than when I’m riding in a cart. I think getting in the cart I lose focus, but walking keeps me focused more.
  11. I was a competitor powerlifter for a few years and I have a Hypervolt from that. I use it before all of my rounds and practice sessions. It’s great for any kind of athletic event. I walk 99% of my rounds and it really has cut down on any kind of leg soreness or fatigue also.
  12. When I was a junior my family didn’t join somewhere until I was 16. When we did join somewhere there were quite a few good juniors there, but none really “elite.” I think the quality of the juniors at private clubs is just from accessibility. Their parents would drop them off in the morning and pick them up at dinner so they didn’t have to watch them all day. The exposure to it from a young age and the frequency in them being there is what made them good. I played a lot of public golf before my family joined and I wasn’t behind the 8 ball at all. As long as your son is playing he’ll be just fi
  13. Delays are normal around the holidays and going to be worse given the current situation of everything else. No reason to get all heated about it. Anyone buying or shipping things right now should expect this as it should fall under an “extenuating circumstance” situation. I have two packages sitting one stop before they get to me. They were supposed to be here yesterday. They’ll get here when they get here, I’m not going to die without golf clubs. I’m fortunate enough to be playing still and able to order new things for myself, that’s enough for me. It’s all about keeping things in p
  14. Per TGW, assuming they got it from Titleist.
  15. That’s great information, thank you. I think this is the route I’m going to go. Going 5/8 through the whole set was making the 4 iron a bit too long for my liking. I’m starting the build with a brand new shafts, and figured I’d give the shaft length a try first and then adjust the lofts to fine tune it if I need a bit more. I may end up doing a bit of both. Thanks for the advice.
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