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  1. Watching the coverage on Peacock of Speith and Casey. Paul Casey seems like he’d be enjoyable to play a round with. They’re chatting and laughing, it seems like they’re genuinely having a good time. The coverage of him during his final round of the Master’s was the same way this year.
  2. The TXG YouTube channel did SIK on Quintic recently with the new Cobra putters that have their DLT on them. Those results were outstanding as well.
  3. I’ve seen a lot of people on the board get caught up in needing a club for every yardage. While that’s a good approach, I think a more efficient approach is having a club for every shot you need to hit. Realistically there’s just some yardages and shots you’re not going to face regularly enough to require a spot in the bag. This is especially true if you play at the same few courses all the time. I play my home course 99% of my rounds. My bag is set up to play my course and the shots I need to hit there. There’s some overlap in my hybrid and driving iron, but there’s also quite a lar
  4. The Fuji shafts are all 115. My LAGP is the 135, and I have it in a ~375 g Piretti head and then the regular Stability is 125 g in my ~372 g Squareback. I play my putters at 33” and I prefer the heavier weights. I haven’t swingweighted the Piretti yet, but they feel to be pretty close to one another.
  5. Our Super and Assistant both get to play in our Men’s League every week (they have playing privileges other days as well) and they get tossed in with a random group and get to meet everyone and talk with the members. It’s been great for the club. They’re not usually the people members interact with, but this gives them some face time. As for me, I’d most likely be back in the fitting and building side of things. I did it for about 10 years already.
  6. A few of the manufacturers make them. I got an Odyssey off of the Callaway Preowned site during one of their sales for pretty cheap.
  7. I have a Big Moss and a Putt Out, I like them both. I use them both daily. If I had to choose one over the other it would be the Big Moss hands down. It rolls really well. I keep mine down all the time, and as someone mentioned above, my pup loves to lay on them and it hasn’t caused any issues to the mats. I use them more to dial in stroke and alignment more so than speed. So I haven’t ran into the issue of putting poorly on the course because of them.
  8. Stability Tour shafts are ~105 grams also.
  9. My Byron just shipped this week, and I’m leaning towards giving the Fuji a try in it. Did you test the other two? I’m leaning towards the Firm just to get a little different feel from my Stability and LAGP in my other two putters.
  10. I had a 46* Vokey in the bag for a little while, and swap it in and out with my T100•s PW depending on the course conditions. The Vokey, for me, spins a bit more and goes a few yards shorter. When the course conditions here are softer I prefer the set wedge. It’s better through the softer turf and less spin into the soft greens is welcome, but as we firm up over the summer the Vokey will go back into the bag as I’ll need the extra spin when the greens get firm.
  11. 5.2 Practising on Course Before or Between Rounds For purposes of this Rule: “Practising on the course ” means playing a ball, or testing the surface of the putting green of any hole by rolling a ball or rubbing the surface, and The limitations on practise on the course before or between rounds apply only to the player, not to the player’s caddie. a. Match Play A player may practise on the course before a round or between rounds of a match-play competition. b. Stroke Play On the day of a stroke-play competition: A pla
  12. I played the Black Tie and the even older F7M2 and 8M2, original HZRDUS Black and Ventus Black are the most similar I’ve found. Ventus Black is definitely an upgraded version of those for me.
  13. This little beauty just showed up today and it feels great. Have only rolled it s few times on my mat inside but will be playing with it Sunday. My other putter is a Squareback 2 with a Stability shaft in it. As far as the aftermarket shafts vs stock steel shafts, what I’ve noticed is that in the high moi blade type heads you don’t really notice the shaft performance as much, unless it changes the feel of the head itself. I had a PXG One and Done and didn’t care for the feel with the steel shaft, threw in a Stability and the feel changed drastically for the better. I didn’t notice a huge d
  14. Little Black Beauty showed up a few minutes ago. Piretti Cuvio 375 grams 3* Loft 68* Lie LAGP TPZ ONE35 SuperStroke Flatso 1.0
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