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  1. SOLD Looking to sell my J15CB heads. 3-PW in great shape. Standard loft and lie. I will have the heads prepped and ready for shafts. Located in Canada, keep in mind for shipping please. I'm looking for $350 USD shipped to anywhere in NA. Only trade interests would be a set of Steelfiber 95 or 110 in R or S, 3-PW shafts. Added a better pic of the faces. Thanks
  2. It would awesome if they would make the 2-6 MB in lefty. I love my combo set, but a 4-6 in blades would be sweet. I prefer the look without the orange stripe as well.
  3. Backing up Bigcalilefty, unreal irons. Blades are true blades and the combo with CB's flows together perfectly. Feel is great, and the black finish holds up tremendously. True players club with next to no offset and traditional lofts. This is a steal. GLWS
  4. Callaway Apex is worth looking at, sets up square or even a bit open to me. Easy to get up in the air, quality stock shaft as well.
  5. I got my hands on a set of MP68's today to add to the collection. My first experience with true Mizuno blades, and I can see why the reputation exists. I've played MP54 and 30's before but they don't compare to the feel of a pure strike with a blade.
  6. 64, I just went through the exact same thing. No idea where the ball was going off the tee. My fix was to work with my short/mid irons and find a consistent shot shape through repetition. I applied that swing to my hybrid and fairway wood and accepted I was stuck working with that for the time being. The bombs off the tee are gone so the ego is suffering but the scores are back where they belong at least. I'm not sure what your home courses are like but I'm guaranteed 10-12 penalty strokes if I spray the ball off the tee.
  7. IMHO golf should be solely for the enjoyment of the person playing it, and if shooting 114 with blades and a staff bag does that for you who is anybody to tell you otherwise. Philosophy aside, I experimented with a staff bag and just don't find them practical. To me, they work better than stand bags for carting but that's why cart bags exist. I'll say this, I think if a person played in crappy weather often they would be great. The extra storage would be awesome for extra gear etc., and the bags themselves are just built to withstand more of a beating.
  8. Have your wife read this whole thread Bye. She will appreciate your self control after I'm sure.
  9. Thanks guys, Ari was kind enough to give me some info as well. He says only 10 sets of lefty blades were built. Pretty cool to have a chance to snag them. I'm curious to hear opinions on the cost, I paid $1000 usd for them. It's tough to put a market value on them, so I basically decided it was worth it for my own satisfaction as opposed to looking at it as an investment.
  10. Sadly I can make this claim as well. I'd have to average more than one a day to say otherwise.
  11. Hello fellow samurai (sorry that was cheesy as f*#k), I picked up a set of Scratch blades in lefty recently and can't find much info. Curious if anybody has any experience with them. They are currently heads only so I have not hit them, but am dying to. I plan to get fit in to shafts over the winter so the wait will be an eternity. Anybody have any info? Feel, turf interaction etc? Thanks
  12. Guys, I fell off the wagon hard. I regret nothing. I have always had a list of irons I felt would make a great lefty collection, and I decided no better time than the present to try to make it happen. It took a lot of digging to find some but I'm very happy I put the time in. Here's the list: Cobra King Forged Combo in black Miura Retro Tournament Blades Mizuno MP68 Adams MB2 in raw Bridgestone J15 CB Scratch Don White Blades in raw The Scratch irons are currently shaftless and I have not hit them. I plan to find a way to be fit in to shafts with them over the winter. Very excited. If a
  13. Sorry if I missed a similar response, but I think the OP answered this is his second paragraph. As long as pros play blades, OEM's will sell blades.
  14. This 100x over. Two of my all time favourite courses. To be fair I haven't experienced the notorious wind at classic club, so my outlook may be a bit skewed. Everything has been literally perfect when I've visited though. The layout, conditions, pace of play and hospitality have all been spot on.
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