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  1. @BSkip Sorry about that. I added the pic of the JK wedges to the post.
  2. I have several items I think will be well received. Most are fairly rare, so I am pricing where I feel is fair. As I do not have a great frame of reference for the pricing, I am open to offers. Worst I can say is no, right? Note that I am shipping from Hawaii and will ship anywhere in the US. Miura Limited Edition Blades S/S/S. If I remember correctly they are based on the tournament blades. There is no chatter as I always use headcovers. There is a rock hit on the sole of the 8 iron near the hosel. I tried to capture this in the photos. The 5-PW are shafted with Modus 3 stiff and the 4 iron is a KBS Tour 120 stiff (I beleive). All grips are Lamkin and are in good shape. Asking $800.00. Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons S/S/S. 4-AW set. Shafted with KBS Tour 120 stiff. 4-PW is gripped with Lamkin. The AW has the stock grip. There is one sand starburst worth noting on the AW. I have tried to capture this in the photos. SOLD Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Mid-Slant, 35" Ionic grip. The putter was refinished by NorCal putters in their "Rusty Bucket" finish. It has a great "patina" look. Asking SOLD Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TEi3, 35" Ionic grip. Nicely refinished Asking SOLD Joe Kwok ground Mauruman Tour M wedges. A 52* and 58* wedge set that was ground by master Joe Kwok. The wedges are stamped with his logo. Standard lie and loft. Grips are Lamkin and are in good shape. SOLD Practically new Chikara 52* wedge. Purchased the head directly from the master himself, Carlton Masui. Had it shafted and used a couple of rounds. If your are familiar with Chikara you know the grooves are stupid sharp. Shafted with DG Spinner. Asking $100. Chikara 57* prototype wedge. If I remember the history, this is the prototype for the V3 version of Chikara's wedges. A very limited amount of these were produced. Purchased the head directly from the master himself, Carlton Masui. Had it shafted and used a couple of rounds. If your are familiar with Chikara you know the grooves are stupid sharp. Shafted with DG Spinner. Asking $100. Miura Blades Chikara 52* Chikara Prototype 57*
  3. My favorite is forged by Miura, but made for Daiwa, the OnOff 247 CBs. A close second is the baby blade. Best blade around as far as I am concerned.
  4. Whichever one is the old North course. The South was never good.
  5. The Palmer course at Turtle Bay is worth playing. I wouldn't pay to play the Fazio course. Ko'Olina is pricey, but nice. Kapolei is the best maintained public course other than Ko'olina. Royal Kunia has some great views and is a fun course. Ko'olau is just target golf at its worst. Rule is take as many balls as your handicap is high. Not sure what the rates are for tourists at any of the courses. I would be surprised if any are in the $60-80 range.
  6. Wailea Gold and Emerald would be my next two choices. Followed by Kaanapali.
  7. For a cult classic set, I would go with one of the Yamaha drivers. For the fairway woods, either PRGR Eggs or G-field. For me there is only one set of irons the Miura forged OnOff 247, unless you had to have blades, which there is only one choice TN-87. Wedges would be Chikara. Putter would be the old G-Field Premium Zone. I wish I didn't sell mine. Other than the Yamaha driver and TN-87 set, I have had all of these in my bag at one point.
  8. Change the swing, don't sell they Byron. LOL. Good luck with sale. It's a beaut
  9. I remember when people said paying $200 for a Cameron was crazy...paying $300 for a shaft ridiculous...paying $400 for a new driver utterly stupid. Those people will drop that type of money now without batting an eye because the marketing geniuses made it common place to do so. A $1000 shaft is the next step now that we are used to the $300/shaft price point. Use what you like, can afford and justify for yourself. Just be happy when you are on the course and enjoy the game.
  10. I have for sale, two great driver heads. The first is a Nike Covert Tour 2.0. It is in great shape and comes with headcover and tip. I am asking $old. The second is a Cobra Encore ZL in 8.5* with tip. Head is in great condition. The head launches higher than the 8.5* loft. Love this head, but I love my current driver setup. Asking $old paypalled and shipped in the US. Not looking for trades.
  11. Coral Creek is in horrible shape. Bunkers are eroded, most have rocks and no sand, greens are slooow, fairways are mushy. Too bad, was one of the more consistent courses for a long time.
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