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  1. i210s here as well. Next recommendation would ZX7
  2. Title says it all, pm me
  3. Hi all, selling off some new gear that I don’t plan on using. First up is a black Buck Club Collective headcover. This was part of the membership gift this year. Selling for $60 shipped Next is a Pineuhurst X Sugarloaf Social Club pouch. It’s is new and would go great as a valuables pouch or just a tee bag. Selling for $80 shipped Last but not least is a brand new pair of size 10.5 medium width footjoy hyperflex. They haven’t been taken out of the box other than for these photos. Selling for $60 shipped All prices are OBO and if you want more pics of anything feel free to reach out!
  4. Can’t recommend Mike enough! He’s a good guy and is great to work with. Also, his putters are top notch.
  5. I’m 64-65 myself and am in the same boat as. My setup is just comfortable and works! Also kind of a pain in the butt to bend putters that flat.
  6. Same finish issue with all ping irons basically since g30s. The hydropearl finish wears pretty quickly and makes irons look way worse condition than they are after a short time period. Purely a cosmetic issue, ping irons hold the test of time better than most.
  7. Need more photos of this at address and the sole profile!!
  8. Hi all, Have a few TBC Seamus covers up for sale today. First is a new, displayed only green wool masters driver cover. $150 shipped Second is a new, displayed only grey wool dancing logo fairway cover. $140 shipped Lastly, a slightly used tan waxed canvas Ringer driver cover. I had this on my driver for a few rounds over the summer, but it could pass as new. $120 shipped. All prices are OBO and shipped CONUS. If you have any questions or want to see additional photos just message me. Thanks!
  9. I signed up right away and received welcome kit in about a month or so, but if you joined around beginning of covid the welcome kit suppliers all shut down and it took the 3 months you are referring to. It was caused by covid I wouldn’t worry about that delay happening again.
  10. Hey guys, couple items for sale today (all items are new): TBC Seamus white leather driver and fairway covers - $old TBC black and Tiffany putter cover - $old Bettinardi 2019 social towel - $100 OBO -> $90 Bettinardi 2019 PGA show marker - $old If anyone wants additional pics pm me, thanks!
  11. I absolutely love this bag. Those muiras are pure!
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