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  1. 1) 13 New Golf Pride ZGrips with Callaway chevron logo. Standard size. Black with gray trim. $SOLD 2) Cameron Studio Style Headcover. $SOLD 3) New Odyssey Lights Out small mallet Headcover. Magnetic closure. Looks like it will only fit Rossie or other similar shapes, see photos for dimensions. $SOLD
  2. 1) Ping GMax 5-9 Iron Set. 5 iron has a chip on the sole (see photos). Regular flex Fujikura Vista Pro 70 graphite shafts, Yellow Dot. $SOLD 2) BeCu Anser 2 Putter, 34.5". Has some rust on the shaft around the neck. $130 3) TaylorMade Kia Ma Fontana Putter, 32.75". $175 or best offer
  3. 1) Ping USA Cart Bag. The zipper on the ball pocket does not work, the top ring of the bag strap has some rust and bag has a couple small cosmetic marks. See photos. $175 2) Bio Cell driver head only. Good shape, just has some white tee marks on the face. $75 or best offer 3) TaylorMade Vault Masters putter headcover. Just has some pilling around the velcro/green piping (see photos) $65 or best offer
  4. 1) Bettinardi BB1 Putter 35" Head weight is around 375-380 grams. Midsize grip. Has some rust in the cavity (see photos). $150 or best offer
  5. 1) Titleist Pro V1 dozen balls. $SOLD 2) 13 New Golf Pride Green ZGrips with TaylorMade logo, Standard size. $SOLD
  6. I like to hit 3W if I can because I hit a lot more greens from the fairway, but have started to hit driver more often than I have in the past. If i'm swinging well driver is great, but sometimes it not worth getting some funky/sidehill lie in the rough
  7. Like others have said, it could be harder to find LH clubs. Since she does some things both RH & LH have her try out both just in case she is significantly better from one side over the other.
  8. May be hard to justify carrying a 64 for a lot of people with how little they may need to use it. If you add a 64, what club can you take out? FW, long iron or another wedge?
  9. That's an awesome accomplishment. Maybe I can do that if I live to 140....
  10. My woods I don't, but I might try and have matching grips on all my irons and then matching grips on my wedges, but not sure if it really makes a difference or not. Wonder if there's some difference between grip materials though, like between softer grips like some of the Winns vs. normal rubber grips.
  11. The people who were left off were always going to be unhappy about not making the team. We see these stories every 2 years.
  12. I've had a 3W shaft in my driver for years, think it plays at 44". Maybe I'm giving up some distance with the shorter shaft, but I probably hit it in the center more often & more accurate than if it was around 45.5" like most modern drivers are now.
  13. No, I've never won an Olympic medal in response to someone's slow play.
  14. Seems like a good mix of bombers and guys who have other strengths, and there weren't really any big surprises with the picks.
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