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  1. Mizuno would be idiots to delay - discretionary spending on everything - golf in particular - is cresting - HIT IT NOW Titleist must be licking their chops
  2. Dying to get the 4 iron in the bag love the gen2, but craving new one Bring it!
  3. Dying to flip into the new t100 GIMMIE!!!!!
  4. I really think these irons are a miss I both wanted to and Really tried to like them .....hated them in a fitting and went t100's - Love them then tried to add in a 4,5,6 p770 ....having come from p760 and p790 before that, assumed these would be a blend they were clicky, clunky and I really just could not hit them - hated the sound and the inconsistency was brutal - not sure what exactly, other than PASS really think they sacrificed performance for the 'looks' with this one - look amazing, play aweful...ymmv of course too bad -
  5. agreed tried an EV and immediately handed it back feel was awful for me
  6. Really thinking about the ZX5 after hitting the 5 wood - zx ....Incredible and feel was great gaming Ping 410 and love it...tried the 425 but found it heavy, slower and hook-y
  7. In AMT white s300 right now, but coming from Modus 105 - x previously not sold on the AMT, but needed a bit more weight in the scoring irons (8,9,P)...I thought, anyway any takes on how Elevate Tour would perform for me? appreciated
  8. Some crazy comments in here Why not just enjoy it for what it is - see how the drivers handle Matt's miss tendencies and how 'easy' they are for him to handle It's information and entertainment And they will definitely get you a Tour Edge driver if that ends up best - Matty's will end up in the fitting cart Good for them and Miz
  9. I Cannot Wait to get a SuperNova LH 33" in my hands this is what 7, Spider and Scotty are wanting for.... at least that is my hope... It has all the attributes to be that putter we'll see
  10. Supernova or Nova? always thought the EXO #7 was just too big and concern Is that the SN might be similar views?
  11. These look fantastic May have to grab one ....alternatives to Scotty and Callaway are just not there...outside of Spider for TM
  12. Let's keep this thread going...this is going to be a Very exciting release
  13. I find speed neutral vs either Ls or max versions that’s even with weight in toe Fast as anything as well
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