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  1. Played modus 105-x and Loved them....especially in the longer and mid irons.... BUT, 8 thru P I struggled with dispersion and contact...thought it might be the shaft...the weight.....etc went To the amt white s300 .....don’t feel much difference to the positive...labour with them a bit.....and don’t like the release and feel as much to be honest thinking now it was a swing issue especially since I realized that my gap has a modus 115 wedge in it.....that’s 125g or thereabouts...and same dispersions and strike issues... so maybr modus 105-x at 112g is
  2. anyone have a draw bias view on these? thanks
  3. I have the m6 and love it....but find the sim max was draw biased and worry the max2 will be the same all Callaway fairways are draw biased in the max versions tough to find a higher launching, higher moi head that DOESN'T have draw bias 5 wood talking and LH, so can't get a Mizuno as not offered..... tsi2 is an option...... views? thanks
  4. Agree with this characterization - cannot wait for the Ascent Love to know the EI profile better though ordered one....so about to find out...
  5. I am keenly interested in both these shafts as well any views appreciated
  6. I know most here at low/low But is there something happening with this shaft on impact stabilization / dispersion? very intriguing and under the radar
  7. I never liked pro white although I do like stiff handles any chance of me liking this?
  8. Still draw-bias on this like sim-max? can they not make a high launching, high moi neutral head?
  9. Don't you think at my speed I should be in the S? That is where I am leaning
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