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  1. Will Update once I get the t100's in the bag in a few weeks thought for sure I would end up in the 770's, but felt 'clicky' and harsh compared to the 760's....they are a mini-790 maybe, but not a comparable 'replacement' for the 760 ....
  2. Just switching to t100 from p760 ......optimistic!
  3. SO IF I LOVED EVO3....would this be the one? I tired evo5, but it didn't feel or launch/kick for me like Evo3 did any one have view or insight? much appreciated
  4. Tried to find, but may have missed - When are these heads available?
  5. anyone have a profile on this shaft??? It is a redo of which model ? thanks
  6. Zx any reviews or commentary vs u65/85? appreciated
  7. MASSIVE Fan of the Evo3 looking for an update of that shaft this it?.....Hoping
  8. Dying to try this Have a u65 still and the u85 just wasn't enough new tech to switch feedback welcome - anyone ? thanks
  9. Has TM totally blown this launch with availability tease? joke Creating a fair bit of negative goodwill ready to order new 921 forged and call it a day
  10. Love my u65 2 iron....u85 couldn't knock it out of bag....any views on how the ZX utility compares? thanks
  11. Just switched to these from Tour BXS - way more spin, control and soft as butter off face No loss of distance on irons or driver either Distance control off putter is unreal totally astonished and impressed sold on these
  12. Same here almost have u65 2 iron bent weak 790 4i currently 5-P 760 will change to 5.6.7 770 8,9,P MC pumped
  13. Lots of chatter, but does anyone have a take on what the "tech" is here, What the improvement is, What aspect did they target? What was clearly lacking in the 410? appreciated
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