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  1. What about this in a apex uw? there’s an interesting thought
  2. Perfect would Love to hear how it goes thanks!
  3. Excited to try this vs the new Apex uw which is more neutral/fade biasd or rather least draw-biased…
  4. This is Very intriguing deep face, very flat and huge adjustability stuck on ts2 and nothing from Tm or callaway or ping has my attention like this one.. I fight a draw
  5. Wonder if better driver or fairway Evo's have been better in fairways for me historically
  6. understood thanks How about weight? do you play 50g in all drivers or is the evo 5 60-reg? just trying to see what might suit me as your experience and comments are resonating appreciated
  7. Here are 2 questions I would love answered have asked, but no luck yet for 2022.... Left-hand 5 stz wood? Right-hand 7 stz wood?
  8. Very interested in hearing - thanks and flex-wise, is your Evo5 a reg flex as well? just want a comparison to the flex of the NX I have an Evo5 in my rotation as well appreciated
  9. Is this not the hottest new neutral club??? all the crap we put up with that has draw bias we don’t need Very excited to try. Pre-ordered already
  10. finding one without draw bias is very tough clk is so flat in it's lie angle, it fits that bill nicely this new apex ut looks really good as well ping 425 with flat setting is solid as well, but heads are quite shallow have high hopes for the callaway epic super hybrid as well, but find it difficult to believe there isn't some draw bias there as a natural draw'er of the ball, this is the Most important element for the hybrid or fairway wood for me
  11. Slight concern reading this that it might be draw-prone in it's design certainly hope not None of the Evo series were that for me interested in more reviews maybe Fuji has a comment
  12. Can't Wait Have played Evo 3 for years and gamed 2,4,5,7 MORE DETAILS PLEASE?!
  13. Make it More Neutral bias (bias moved more towards draw from 400 to 410 to 425) and LESS HEAVY Rest is great and the adapter with the flat setting is money
  14. This looks VERY interesting I was a huge fan of Evo 3 and 5 - wonder where this one fits EI curve - wise?
  15. playing the t100 that's a real player's iron 770 has training wheels and feels like a shovel at impact
  16. Junk iron and a true miss by TM hope they resurrect the middle of their lineup had a real winner with the 760 and 750 and now have lint ....
  17. LOVE THE 2* OPEN !!! thanks so much
  18. Mizuno has been great on being neutral bias just paranoid cannot wait to try
  19. Dying to try this scares me when they saw helps with draw bias..////[email protected]%#[email protected]? I need neutral to fade bias to handle
  20. Incredible NEWS!!! dying for these in 105-x and hoping for a little more weight in a shaft 'similar' EI curve
  21. Debating switching from CLK to this..... flat on CLK is key for me and holding me back...
  22. Cannot wait for this 425 was a miss for me still in 410 pumped they will nail this for me when do pics leak???
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