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  1. Thanks but I WANT the loft - that's the thing - so need the 18 or 19* plus need a neutral flight that's the dilemma always the higher spin one is always draw-biased.... it's Painful so, I need to know if the heads are more neutral this year they do move around the Bias with each design thanks if anyone has insight appreciated
  2. I am in need of both spin and fade bias.....what do you think fits me best? 5 wood I am looking for sim and sim2 max I found both a little closed and hook-prone .....sim2 ti I couldn't get enough spin on it to be functional any insight on direction I should take with Stealth would be appreciated thank you
  3. No update to the ST-Z fairways....particularly a Left 5 wood or a Right 7 wood is VERY disappointing
  4. How about just a lighter Head lol.......bring on the G430.....featuring Carbon to lighten the head...
  5. Same would LOVE a STZ 7 wood.....where is it???? this X is going to be a hook machine - Zero interest for a 'players' company, where is the players 7 wood???
  6. where's the news event starts....monday/tuesday?.....
  7. Great - congrats I agree fits can go in crazy directions and work magic what is your swing speed driver for context? thanks
  8. Totally pumped about the Blue ! smooth and powerful I am betting..... any intel on when released?
  9. I put it max flat and I still found the head itself has draw bias neutralize that and this could be a massive winner people can still adjust with sleeve kills the offering the way it is my view of course hopeful on G5
  10. Want to really like their fairways, but they need to remove the draw bias....kills it for me
  11. I actually like him for a few reasons nice to see review content and not the useless junk shiels and crossfield put out...speaking of the kings of clickbait and he is swinging at mortal speeds - a heck of alot more applicable than guys swinging at tour level speed plus he is right on the rogue hybrid - it kicks bigtime
  12. so many of these comments are naive and preposterous thank you ProjectX
  13. The LS is going to be a homerun Club this season for people looking for neutral bias the TD is a little much for someone like me who doesn't strike the middle of the face enough
  14. Laughing - yes, agreed - it Sure is - someone should let them know lol, cause it is true unless you counter-balance it big and drop the moveable weight to lose the benefit of said weight I just think they pushed it a little too much in their pursuit of stability and went a touch too far I would definitely bet they lighten the next head up a bit
  15. These are Way too under-hyped vs the Taylormade launch I realize we are all suckers for a flashy release, new face,etc...but this Rogue is a Machine !
  16. I disagree every fitter knows the heads are heavy they even discuss how it demands counterbalanced and frankly holds back swing speed as well
  17. Ping drivers are more than well known to be Heavy.....hence why almost all fits end up in counterbalanced shafts to help the swingweight If you want or need a medium to heavy toe or heel weight....sorry...this driver doesn't work for you..... Lighten it up already - enough
  18. DRIVERS are TOO Heavy ....lol....everyone knows it Bet you all the next one lightens up ...using carbon of course...
  19. St Max is draw-biased though....which makes it a non-starter for me and many others maybe the Max ls is better regardless, there is hardly Anyone who doesn't struggle to max clubhead speed with that 425 most fitting videos mention It specifically they just went to far with weight as their means of maxing out MOI they need to check that back if they want to keep their rep that's my view
  20. g425 Is just too heavy and it added nothing to the g410 in my view they keep peeling spin off since the g400, which I also don't like alot - save that for the LST model need to lighten the SW of the new 430 or whatever it will be called - no-one can swing it fast enough except the big bombers
  21. Exciting player and Talent Hope it is Callaway as well She will win this year - she is in a Great spot mentally and with Foley
  22. She rocks Very interested in the change and hope the Best for her in 22 I think she will be a multiple winner and take a major this year
  23. RXS is one of the best balls for 80-100 mph driver swings long and unreal spin off wedges LOVE to see an improved one details please thank you
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