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  1. 17 hours ago, Sniperman said:

    Sorry if this has been asked, but does anyone know when the embargo will be lifted in other countries outside of Asia? All the current reviews on YT are from Japan and South Korea.  The friends I’ve asked to translate don’t play golf so they can’t really give me the feedback I’m looking for 😅


    Assuming it’s true that fitting carts in CA will be available in January, then maybe the restriction in Europe will be lifted by December? (I think Europe gets it ahead of US soil by a month)

    is there a link to those reviews?

  2. 17 hours ago, JMB3 said:

    I always assumed that too, but TXG has talked about how too soft of a shaft will have the head lagging behind causing a right miss.  Kinda made me rethink everything I knew… haha

    Issue for me is that I cannot get the shaft to 'react' for me - i.e. 'kick' into impact at all

    Might be the profile, but usually a flex softer and/or lighter weight in the same profile solves that issue 

    If I find the sweetspot for that kick, I can release the club properly and neither miss is a real issue 



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  3. 8 hours ago, JourdanM said:

    First round out with the speeder 6s in my tsi2 and I really enjoyed it. Very, very smooth feel, nice mid/high launch. It's super easy to load.


    with a smooth tempo I was producing nice high baby draws, and my only right miss was a little fade that just kind of fell out of the air and was still first cut.


    if I got quick, however, I produced some nasty hooks. If your miss is left, I wouldn't think this would be the shaft for you. As my miss is right, I will dial this baby in and roll with it.

    Distances for 45 degree Michigan November weather were outstanding considering multiple layers and being tight.


    it's also by far the best looking shaft Fuji has made. 

    left miss issue was mine

    70-s was too much for my 5w

    maybe a 70-R for me 


    103 with driver for reference with a over-draw miss 



  4. On 10/31/2021 at 7:13 AM, coloradogolf72 said:


    I wouldn’t go off the EI charts from OEMs. They tend to be a little elementary. They all have their place and will separate themselves by feel. We all load shafts differently so each shaft will feel different.

    Truer words were Never spoken 



  5. 18 hours ago, eric61 said:

    Same here. I bought both -- 18 degree Epic Super Hybrid and 19 degree Apex UW -- with Ventus Blues during that PGA SS glitch where I got the shafts for no upcharge. Just got shipping notifications for both, I'm going to do a head to head once they arrive and will post some numbers ... and also probably post the loser on the BST.


    would Love to hear how it goes 




  6. 59 minutes ago, Doucer said:

    Yes I am a regular flex guy. Approaching 60 years of age so I can't hit it 300 yards any more like the rest of the folks here! 😄 I would say it's close to my Evo 5 but has tighter dispersion. Ball flight and trajectory are similar. Hope that helps!


    understood thanks


    How about weight?  do you play 50g in all drivers or is the evo 5 60-reg?


    just trying to see what might suit me as your experience and comments are resonating 






  7. 8 hours ago, Doucer said:

    Just got my 50r Speeder NX today. I only had time to hit our range at my club to hit a few balls.


    First impressions: The shaft is gorgeous. I love the blue color and it really stands out. After I warmed up a bit, I starting hitting the shaft with my Sim2. I can't tell if I gained a few yards or not as they moved the hitting area at our range further up but the dispersion was awesome. Trajectory was good with a mid-high flight and decent roll. Compared to my current line-up of shafts (Evo 5, Diamana Redboard 4th gen, Grand Bassara 39, and Speeder Daytona), the NX is much tighter with dispersion than anything I have tried in the last few years. It has the same Speeder feel and very smooth. I can't tell what the variable torque aspect does but I did not hit any drives off-line by more than 10 yards which is excellent for me.


    Not sure this helps much or not. I have 2 games on the weekend so will see what the on course results are like.



    Very interested in hearing - thanks


    and flex-wise, is your Evo5 a reg flex as well?  just want a comparison to the flex of the NX 

    I have an Evo5 in my rotation as well



  8. finding one without draw bias is very tough 


    clk is so flat in it's lie angle, it fits that bill nicely 


    this new apex ut looks really good as well 


    ping 425 with flat setting is solid as well, but heads are quite shallow


    have high hopes for the callaway epic super hybrid as well, but find it difficult to believe there isn't some draw bias there


    as a natural draw'er of the ball, this is the Most important element for the hybrid or fairway wood for me



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