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  1. This looks VERY interesting I was a huge fan of Evo 3 and 5 - wonder where this one fits EI curve - wise?
  2. playing the t100 that's a real player's iron 770 has training wheels and feels like a shovel at impact
  3. Junk iron and a true miss by TM hope they resurrect the middle of their lineup had a real winner with the 760 and 750 and now have lint ....
  4. LOVE THE 2* OPEN !!! thanks so much
  5. Mizuno has been great on being neutral bias just paranoid cannot wait to try
  6. Dying to try this scares me when they saw helps with draw bias..////[email protected]%#[email protected]? I need neutral to fade bias to handle
  7. Incredible NEWS!!! dying for these in 105-x and hoping for a little more weight in a shaft 'similar' EI curve
  8. Debating switching from CLK to this..... flat on CLK is key for me and holding me back...
  9. Cannot wait for this 425 was a miss for me still in 410 pumped they will nail this for me when do pics leak???
  10. Their loss my man and your humour is lame and juvenile speaking of haha
  11. I have heard...but I am a Lefty....they don't come left I thought? hence why I am so desperately searching and hoping for one need spin too. such a rare beast there is a good size piece of that market for that product in my mind thanks though appreciated
  12. Have heads for 4 and 5 iron waiting on Modus 105x shafts for them....delayed.......
  13. Anyone have data? 4 and 5 iron hotter than 2019 and new t200? Launch spin and carry numbers at least
  14. any reason for a lefty to care about this release?
  15. ordering up a 4h to fit between 4i and 4 wood (5 lofted down) worried it may be 3 wood length to be honest.....high class problems 5 wood may need to be optimized after this I am thinking
  16. Crave the old Callaway's super high ball speed and normal spin / neutral bias now it's high launch/low spin/draw bias it's driving me crazy not everyone is over the top
  17. Anyone have a comp for how this one feels or flies? outside of the promo junk they put out appreciated
  18. Incredible News Finally Thank YOU
  19. About to pull trigger any other thoughts?
  20. Paranoid as a natural draw swing…this will give issues if neutral, would be the greatest club for me…. any other views on flight tendencies??
  21. Really eyeing the 4h as a 7wood replacement tough to find a 7 wood without some form of draw bias this looks like it has that solved with greater versatility and an even softer flight
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