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  1. These look fantastic May have to grab one ....alternatives to Scotty and Callaway are just not there...outside of Spider for TM
  2. Let's keep this thread going...this is going to be a Very exciting release
  3. I find speed neutral vs either Ls or max versions that’s even with weight in toe Fast as anything as well
  4. thanks to support Pmookie, I remember the shaft literally was labelled on Veylix's site as "fade-biased" I never understood why, but it definitely was implying some kind of construction angle...... I agree it seems almost implausible for that to occur or we would have seen tons of them given how old the shaft is but what did Veylix mean with that label then? thanks
  5. Why did you say Rome....I used to play this and it was effective...was never sure why though do you know?
  6. Thinking of 569 instead of 661 in the driver to see if can get speed yet keep tip stability
  7. Blend of ease of launch, forgiveness, consistency give the best of all worlds other GI usually tick some, but not all boxes wife, daughter and good friend all play some version of them and their games have never been better call it empirical evidence mostly driving my comment
  8. No MMC lefty has been a serious joke..hope it changes
  9. These irons are the best game improvement irons on the market in my view game-changers for a huge swath of players
  10. that was my thinking, thanks 4 feels low/lower than 2 to me and doesn't really suit me think I am going to go 7 driver and 5 fairway
  11. I am a 410/425 player.....been so long since I have gamed a Callaway, since I need some spin and the 'max' versions all have had some draw-bias, which kills me neutral, stable and some reasonable spin if I get 10.5* loft and flat sleeve? thoughts?
  12. Agreed. Love to understand which one 7 is most like? I thought 2
  13. so.......6 is Evo 1, 7 is Evo 2 and 5 is Evo 3 basically Evo 4 was re-bar for me as I need launch and spin I am thinking Evo 7 Driver and Evo 5 fairway should be perfect
  14. Question / Advice If I was a P760 player and now a T100 player and never gamed a set of these.....why would I want to or should I ? very curious appreciated
  15. Was thinking hard about these vs the new T100 refresh that is coming in September ..... want soft, little offset, launch and spin....but also some 'help' in the longer irons without having to mix sets wonder which one will come out best suited? t100 now 5-aw with a p790 4iron
  16. Playing the t100 now and loving them ....could use a little more help in the 4 and 5, but incredible prefer to the 100s, since the 100 had a bit more launch and spin, which I need was eyeing the MP-21's for this fall, but now find myself drawn to the new T100 that will undoubtedly be the showcase of the launch
  17. ridiculously clicky and harsh compared to the 760's even compared to the 790's, which I was quite surprised at t-100 is much more like the 760 and apparently more to my liking everyone different, but I really wanted to like the 770's and just couldn't dupe myself good luck - people rave about them and they are sold out forever - must be something to that cheers
  18. I totally agree with this I had the 790’s, switched to the 760’s for feel and spin.....then was super excited this year to try the 770’s..... But found them ‘clicky and harsh’.....tried 2 separate times.....was so disappointed... Ended up with T100’s and couldn’t be happier....still use my p790 4i though for some ‘help’
  19. Loving my t100 now - just started gaming them this season longer irons - 4 and 5 ....would love a little more 'help'..just a touch more From 6 iron up are perfect if they possibly made these better......category Killer
  20. 60-s in hand for Ping 410 or 425 max play a 12 down 1 flat will report back have an Epic Max I think it might suit better with the lighter head shaft feels real deal 99-103 driver speed medium tempo over-draw miss
  21. What is your swing speed? I have a 505 as well and I am 99-104 thanks
  22. What other shafts are like this in terms of profile? Aldila Xtortion Copper is similar, with less counter-balancing any others? really appreciated
  23. I am finding I really like the profile of driver shafts with EI curves like the Modus 120 iron shaft Explanation from Golfshaftreveiw below The tip section of the Nemesys is long and stable, the profile looks much like the Nippon Modus3 120 iron shaft. Rapid loss of stiffness just below the handle, then a long uniform tip
  24. Great Call Mizuno vastly underrated for 2021
  25. Very Useful thank You Benefits are driving me to do this....do they destroy grips if you screw them in and then decided to pull them off again?
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