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  1. Very well put. The golf Martin played over the 4 days was exemplary. Yes, it would have been great to see/hear the crowd reactions to some of his play on the back 9 but it added to the tension overall. I agree that technology doesn't need rolled back. If you follow Lou Stagner on twitter he posts a lot on this subject and backs it up with plain facts and figures. We saw it on one regular event post lockdown where the rough was up, fairways watered to be soft and holes were were tightly tucked. Hardly anyone under par and the big hitters had loads of decisions to make.
  2. I have probably missed it (though I did scroll through half a dozen pages) but is the UK release date going to be in the New Year? The 425 irons look incredible...now I don't know why as there's no particular standout features...but I really just want to see them in my bag. I currently play 919 HM Pros in rotation with my old HM Forged and I don't see any need to change however I want to try these. I recently tried the 210s, 410s and 710s and as usual, the ball went into orbit off the face. There is just something subtle about the 425s though. Anyway, any info on UK re
  3. Bryson's response Love it. Bryson being polite but making his point loud and clear. You love to see it.
  4. It was quite a stunning performance from Bryson and he deserved the win. What struck me as the round went on was the relative straightness of his drives...yes a few rolled into the rough but the control he has with that power could be game changing in the long term. It was made all the sweeter by Sky Sports having Paul McGinley crying into the mic about distance and the way the game's going. Not only did he fall flat every time he built up to moan about it, Ewen Murray went all in on the Bryson love and kept congratulating him. Glorious.
  5. Interesting to read some of the comments/coverage over the last few days of Koepka. I said last year (and got heavily criticised for it) that he was walking a fine line because yes, he caught lightning in a bottle with his Major wins but he has been exceptionally arrogant and his form in regular events is pretty patchy. He didn't exactly tear it up on the European Tour and by and large he hasn't done so in regular PGA Tour events either so his constant snide remarks at his fellow professionals is going to catch up to him at some point. The smirk on his face when he's making such remarks just
  6. Looks like the Nike Vapor head shape is in vogue seeing as it's very similar to Srixon and Taylormade's new offerings. Although my HM Pros are only five months old and aren't going anywhere, I will be trying these out. Love Mizuno irons.
  7. I get that but the graphic showed "professional wins" and didn't say PGA specific which is incredibly ignorant of his career and success to date. It's not the first time they've come out with such gaffes although I admit this wasn't as bad as saying the players is a bigger event than The Open.
  8. The arrogance and ignorance of the respective commentary teams in the US is such a turn off that this year might be the year I stick to highlights only. Alex Noren "has come close a few times but hasn't won yet" He must be delighted to know that his 10 European Tour wins don't count for anything eh? I'd love for them to tee it up in Europe regularly to see just how few wins they'd actually get, especially with the variety of courses and elements they'd come up against. Alex Noren is a first class player and has had a better career than a vast majority of diddy journeyman PGA tour players. Shoc
  9. Same here as well. These will be with me until the 923s come out as I only got mine in February and they are stunningly good.
  10. Mizuno MP-20 HMB utility iron. I use the 2:iron currently and it's easy to launch, penetrating flight, looks are killer.
  11. The P7MC are reminiscent of the Mizuno MMC/Titleist CBs with the white contrast - they look absolutely stunning and are the first TM irons in years I'd consider buying. The P770s again have echoes of the Mizuno HMB in terms of shape, offset etc. Looks like TM have finally found a winning formula!
  12. Very impressive. It's all very well saying BcD made putts and Wolff didn't but strokes gained proves by having 100 yards or less to the hole, you're going to be closer and thus the % of making putts increases. He's found an advantage and using it. He's taken the time, made the effort and similar to TW when he first came on the scene, the psychological advantage for him could be huge. Consistently being 50-90 yards longer on your playing partners/field is going to mess with people's minds. Bryson's wedges are sharp, easy to capitalise on. I love it because he's made a mockery of the equipment
  13. Agreed. Having just checked in on the forum for the first time in a while, the ZX5 screams "Hot Metal" to me. The utility isn't a million miles off the HMB head shape either.
  14. 919 HM Pro 4 iron. Favourite club to hit, don't have any issues getting it up in the air. Only workaround is if I'm pushing the top end distance then it can end up long of the green. Being aware of that fact I manage the hole to avoid such scenarios. I do have a 4HY in the spare bag but I rarely ever swap it in as the results are average at best with it. Too high, too spinny, rarely hits the number.
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