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  1. I am out as of this week. Made permanent change from F8+ to SIM. SIM with HZRDUS Yellow is just beast.
  2. pm me what you got with picture and price. Thanks
  3. Received directly from Cobra. Cobra Speedzone 9 degree Tensei Blue stiff shaft Standard grip with cobra connect$OLD shipped to your door or OBO
  4. It was pretty memorable to watch Keopka looking over from tee box to see TW tee shot closing in to the hole at last Par 3 of '19 Masters final round.
  5. 16.5* Really sleek looking top line and shallow face boost confidence
  6. Head is used for 2 seasons 90 rounds Visible skymarks and paint chips but no issue driving it 300 yards Shaft is used for a half season 30 rounds$OLD Shipped to your door CONUS
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