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  1. Forgot to mention I've got the original head cover I'll include... don't think its ever been used.
  2. Let me know if you want any more info or pics. Prices are shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking! This was my gamer 3w for about a season and a half (goes without saying this is a great club) so the sole shows a bit of wear... the club is perfect at address though. Tons of right/left adjustability on this guy, maybe the most that we've ever seen really. Comes with original headcover. 15 degree stated loft The Aldila is a tour prototype - see the etching in the photo. It's the aldila green profile with their Synergy tech. 80TX tipped 1" plays 42.5" in the M5 comes with TaylorMade adapter Will sell together or split $115 $100 head only $90 $75 shaft $180 $160 whole thing
  3. whoa... deal of the day on a set of irons!! glws Edit: ha didn't realize this was pinned.. nice deal nonetheless
  4. Been really interested in the T for a while but for whatever reason, money I guess haha, I haven't bit the bullet and got one. I just go through wedges so quickly. I do love the L though... FWIW I was watching a TXG video recently where Ian made a comment about how the T grind can be slightly better with a squared up pitch/chip. I guess with the leading side bounce a bit closer up on the sole than the L you get a bit more forgiveness against digging. It does look like the T sits lower to the ground overall though. So it has a lot going for it. If we buy this though how is the L better... I guess out of the greenside rough you'd be less likely to get one that slides under the ball too much, potentially better out of soft sand (I use my L out of all sand types and love it, its almost too much bounce if the sand is firm). Probably better if you're hitting shots from the fairway too, which I definitely do.
  5. hmm this has me even more interested in this club. I don't think I'd ever replace driver. But if I could get really nice results from it I could build the driver out to be about as long as I can get it (basically what Phil tries to do at times). I tend towards being plenty up on the ball, but my swing is the worse for it. When I tee the driver lower, and hit something more squeezy my mechanics are way better. Same with irons when I'm hitting cuts confidently is when I'm swinging well; if I hang back and my AoA goes up I start seeing bigger draws and my margin for error goes way down.
  6. Couple questions on the 300 mini, original one too I guess: do you find it to be fade biased, draw, neither? Also what do the head weights come in at on these?
  7. Can't believe those irons are still around (if they are). Just got a pretty hard no from my wife... ughh GLWS
  8. I might be a convert. So yeah just to put a bow on it for anyone interested. This will definitely work for you if you're having a slippage issue, granted the shoes are a decent fit. Though I can't guarantee you'll want to go back to socks. I put some socks on with them the other day and the fit was great, no slipping. They felt so bulky though and I just didn't feel that locked in feel I came to love with these shoes. Granted they were a little thicker sock, I might try something thinner. I went right back to sockless before even taking a swing and I was again one with shoes and ground. So I got that going for me, which is nice.
  9. was the first thing i noticed, that and a rather extreme triangular look. not my cup of tea. the finish is nice I guess, and TM's sole milling is super classy looking
  10. Might have a solution for heel slippage with the premieres. Go barefoot while you're breaking them in. I ordered some Packards recently and experienced what a lot of guys are talking about. Even posted them to the BST, when I didn't get my price I figured I'd try them again. Tried them on with no socks and they fit like a glove. I could walk 18 in them easily. I figure after half a dozen range sessions barefoot the insole and leather will be locked in and I can put some socks back on.
  11. Just picked these up, after several years in the Pro SL I just don't think this is my fit anymore. Can't argue with the looks though, they are sharp! They have one wear on the range. Size 9W $165 shipped $155 shipped (add $5 west coast)
  12. Don't remember that Sweetens Logo when I played there just last spring... its great. Awesome place, nice lot here GLWS
  13. My vote goes to the 69, with the caveat I don't have playing experience with the 18. Love the look of the 18 in the bag though. Bit more offset on the 69, which I just prefer for framing the ball. Its still minimal and less than something like an MP-14. In the MP4 the long and mid irons always looked a bit awkward for me: slender and long looking, not enough shape to the hosel-head transition. Short irons were nice in the 4s though. Far as soles I think you could fairly objectively say the 69 has a slightly sharper leading edge than the 4s - also a tiny bit more bounce on the 4s. 4s have a surprising amount of forgiveness built into the sole, a big part of why I think they got the tag for being a pretty easy to play blade. To be fair the 69 doesn't like to dig, almost perfect sole for me - just a touch sharper than the 4 though.
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