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  1. Hello All, Today I am listing my near mint (peppermint patty as another user referenced) Scotty Select Newport 2.5 35 inch putter. Preferably I would like to trade for another putter such as a Spider X or another mallet style putter, but would sell for $300 if offered. Please feel free to shoot me any offers though as the worst I can say is no. Listing Price: $300 shipped to continental U.S
  2. Two items for sale,trade, or best offer. 1. Mizuno JPX EZ 3-Wood w/ HZRDUS Smoke Shaft & Headcover: $110 (Was $130) Shipped. Currently this club is set to 14 degrees standard and the shaft is 40 1/2 " in length from hozzle. 2. Ping Anser G2i & Headcover: $60 (Was $80) Shipped. Club is 34" ** End of 3-Wood **
  3. I imagine everyone on this site would whoop me up and down the course lol
  4. I guarantee that these guys are A-holes off the course as well. Don't take it personal
  5. How many of those have you actually gamed, and which is your most expensive?
  6. Very nice. Good luck in the tourney!
  7. Wish I had some golf stores around me with 50 different putters. I'd be lucky if they have 10 styles or a simulation putting green.
  8. Been gaming the exotics cb pro h 2 iron and I'd marry it if I could. Can't give it enough love for the help off of the tee that it has provided. Even off the ground it's better for me then a hybrid or wood.
  9. Not sure about the irons, but my black vokey's are looking rough after only 1 season. Probably won't go back for another black club after I tear through these
  10. Don't limit yourself to dicks for sure. Plenty of golf stores will carry what you want and help you get what you need.
  11. Airpods or beats are always solid choices
  12. Usually i'm within 1-2 strokes on the back of what I was on the front, not sure I remember a round where I experienced something like this.
  13. Never knew I needed this article until now. Thank you!
  14. In my experience ready golf has always meant that we exclude honors and when you're on the green if you're ready just make sure that everyone else is aware you're putting and move on. It's much easier to play ready golf with better players though as you're not waiting on people to find their balls or worried about them shanking one into your cart.
  15. To me it's all about feel. I've only used the older TeI3 models, but I'm hoping to get a newer model soon and feel the difference to see which I enjoy more
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