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  1. Everything you mentioned IS possible. I personally know reps that'll order directly from the brand for me and I get a discounted rate and it's shipped directly to me. It seems like they're marking up the clubs from the rep rate which I'm not going to judge. I'd guess a good percentage of "brand new" clubs on BST is purchased similarly and they're just trying to earn some money on the side for their own golf budget. Having said that, I wouldn't feel comfortable just handing money to someone on a FB group before I have products in hand. I'd give them specs, tell them to
  2. I've heard that the SIM2 has a lower ball flight than SIM. Have you guys that have hit it also experienced this?
  3. Having our first child this month so will be taking a bit of time away from golf. I'm always tinkering with my driver so I figured I'll have a new list of drivers to try in a few months so selling this one: Taylormade SIM Driver Head w/ Headcover Loft - 8 degree Weight - 196g Condition - Very good, I'd give it a 9.5/10. You can see from the pics that there are absolutely no blemishes on the crown, sides, and face. The sole was protected pretty well because I had lead tape on the soles right above and below the SIM text. Only area with some marks are on the rubber Spe
  4. Hope everyone is staying safe and Merry Christmas! Background: Was fitted on my 3-wood for an Accra FX 2.0 300F M5 shaft (http://accragolf.com/fx-2-0-series-shafts/). I love the shaft and with some work this fall I've been hitting my 3-wood lights out. I have a Cobra F9 fairway head on it. Because I've been hitting my 3-wood so well and struggling with my 3-iron, I'm considering getting a 5-wood. Normally I'd get fit but I'm in LA which I'm told is now the epicenter of the pandemic so not too comfortable going into an indoor fitter like I'd usually do. Was trying t
  5. I really like the putter but I'm hooked on armlock fever. I was pleasantly surprised with the gravity grip; the flat sides help me feel where the face is pointing to which helped square it. It's in great shape except heel corner (see pic). It doesn't impact performance; got too excited with a buddy who dunked in his second shot into the hole that I dropped it on the cart path. Evnroll ER10 Outback 34" 370g Standard loft/lie Gravity Grip 125g Retails $419+tax. Yours for $310 OBO (paypalled and shipped). Standard magnetic headcover included.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm in the market for a high end launch monitor. Immediately, I've eliminated Trackman 4 from contention simply due to their cost. It's $25k for the indoor/outdoor model and an additional $1k/year for the software which is too much for me. I've done enough research to know the features of each products pretty well. But having never actively used either of them in person, wanted to get some feedback from members. The launch monitor will be used around 80% outdoors and 20% indoors. A group of us are really getting serious about our games and equipment and are all extr
  7. LOL ... how dare they not see the value in the marketing they will get by average Joes using their products on the range. If anyone is wondering, I ended up asking my buddy on the Korn Ferry Tour and both companies offer a 1/3 discount on their retail price to tour players. They also add in their training and support packages for free for 2 years which normally is ~$1k a year. Both companies also give additional incentive based on how they finish so you'd end up paying 1/3 the retail price if you perform well with top 10 finishes. They make it very difficu
  8. I know someone who got fitted with Sik in Orlando and he said the fitting process itself wasn't very different, but that Sik had the ability to let you try every combination of club head, neck type, and shafts (with various grips) which were backed by data from the Quintic Ball Roll system. The data he felt was pretty similar to a fitting he had using SAM Puttlab, but the flexibility for him to try everything to see how the numbers look were amazing. I've done a putter fitting at Club Champions and there it's just switching from one putter to the next without much customization. Yo
  9. Club Champions do do their fitting, but they don't have LAGP shafts on em so felt it was kind of moot since I would want to feel between LAGP and KBS Tour and compare numbers during a fitting. I also asked if I can just swing by and roll a few putts using the Sik putter and they claimed due to COVID restrictions, you're only allowed to touch the clubs if you have a fitting appt.
  10. I have a group of weekly range warriors and we're interested in pooling our money together to get a X3 or Trackman 4 as we're getting into not only improving our game but next level tinkering with our clubs as well. We spoke to sales rep for both Flighscope and Trackman and were told they offer discount to PGA/LPGA/Korn Ferry Tour Players. We have in our network a few LPGA and Korn Ferry players but didn't want to bother them if it's not too much of a discount. Does anyone know how much Flightscope and Trackman offer as a discount to tour players?
  11. I don't think I'm open to trades since my bag is pretty set, but I might be swayed with tour issue face balanced putters. 1. Cleveland Zipcore. Raw finish. 52* (mid) and 56* (low) with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Spinner shaft and Tour Velvet 360 grip. Played with the raw 60* for a while but just wasn't into the rust as much as I thought I'd like. Ended getting them in chrome finish. Standard everything. $OLD 2. Byron Morgan DH89 w/ sound slot. Welded neck, Damascus steel head and SS bronze neck. 3* loft, 67.50* lie. 34" shaft with Ping PP58 grip. Beautiful putter with rare
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