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  1. Surprised this is still around! I have a pair and it's been my go-to when I walk. So comfortable. GLWS!
  2. Next time, ask your shop to put cardboard and some duct tape where the machine comes in contact with the irons. I've had 3 sets of Miura MBs and had the loft/lie checked every year and adjusted; there were zero blemishes from the machine when they do this. I'd hate to purchase Miuras and have anyone other than myself scuff these beauties up. GLWS.
  3. Lol ... they're definitely not open to negotiation, but you will find occasional promo codes (usually in winter months) or deals with the local golf association they will offer. I'd also recommend you checking with the location if they have specific heads and shafts you want to try before setting the appointment. I drove 45 mins further to another location because the CC right next to me didn't have the options I wanted to try.
  4. SMH ... I got fit at CC for an Accra shaft which I could not find anywhere else which is why I bought it there! It came down to Accra or Kiyoshi lol. In hindsight, the fitter did do a lot more adjusting of lofts on the driver with these 2 shafts than the others. Earlier this year I did an outdoor fitting with Trackman and found Ventus Black w/ Velocore to perform better.
  5. Do any of you guys use this on a cart? Saw another post how the cart strap shredded the synthetic leather. Was looking to get the 3.0 but held off because of that post.
  6. Thanks for calling me dumb ... but in my defense, I liked the shaft I was fit with but I couldn't find it anywhere (BST, eBay, DallasGolf).
  7. LOL ... I'd want that too! The difference though is that I don't think the jewelry stores are saving the platinum and reselling that same platinum to other customers. And if they are, they're not making a lot of money off of it. CC is keeping $100 worth of product which was paid by the customer. It's 20% of the value of the driver.
  8. Yes, I was told by them that they do it. The location I went to had a build area where they said they assembled all their clubs there ... do they not do the assembly themselves?
  9. ***Update*** There are over 50 comments so far and I feel a lot of those comments didn't read the post fully. I don't blame you ... it's a long a** rant. So I'm putting a TLDR version so this thread doesn't get too off topic. ----------TLDR ---------- When you buy a golf club with upgraded shaft from an OEM, they're cheaper than retail. Ventus w/ Velocore has an upcharge of $250 when retail is $350. This is because OEM's discount the cost of stock shaft which is baked into the original driver cost. Club Champions charges full retail for the driver, which I'm t
  10. None of the local fitters had Sik Armlock putters with LAGOLF shafts so I bought both the Pro and the Flo to do my own fitting/test. The Pro won it out for me which means someone is going to get some savings on the Flo. I'll probably post a review comparing the two putters soon. * Only trades I'd be interested are SM8 52* (F-Grind) w/ ProjectX 6.5 or 56* (S-Grind) w/ ProjectX 6.0 * All prices include USPS Priority Shipping and PP SIK FLO C-Series Armlock It's in flawless condition. Testing was done indoors on Perfect Practice mat. Retails for $879.99+ta
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