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  1. I doubt that exists. Willows Run might have a membership? When I lived in the city I just used the range and Interbay and Jefferson, but paid as I went. If you load up the range card with several hundred dollars, you can get an OK discount I believe. I don't believe there are any public courses in the city proper that are not munis.
  2. What about Dallas or Ft. Worth? Good weather and its's a huge city, but you can find a piece to carve out and not deal with the entire metroplex. Tons of golf obviously and privates are not too expensive. May not have the most culture, but that may not be a priority for you. Ausin is good, but the housing is expensive and the public golf is below average. I also second NC as that would be my choice.
  3. I believe Lost Creek in Austin did the same thing. Doubled their dues and lost dozens of members over night, so I guess it's a national clubcorp thing?
  4. Are you courses going to be open tomorrow? There is still a good amount of snow on the ground in Austin. I will be surprised if anything opens tomorrow, but Sunday looks good.
  5. Used TM driver head for sale - 9 degrees of loft. Used, but in good condition with no marks on the crown. There is normal wear on the sole and the face is in good shape. Price $185 shipping included
  6. Virtually impossible. If you want a weekend morning time at one of the munis (before 9) you have to show up in person to get it usually. The rest of the privately run public courses are slightly easier, but you need to plan and book a week out.
  7. I don't think Gamble is much better than wine Valley (if at all?). Definitely not worth the effort if you're already in Walla Walla, as Wine Valley is very good. I think the obvious answer for eastern Oregon is Silvies Ranch? As you can see, there is not much out there golf-wise.
  8. I agree with the point on the old course at St. Andrews. Without wind, the course is quite easy. I played it once in 2015 with the first tee time of the day at 7AM and it was very calm. If you get in the bunkers, you'll still have trouble, but it is very tame. Played the Jubilee that afternoon with normal 2 club winds and I bet the old course would have been 5 shots harder. I have not played SR, so can't comment on that. But if it's windy 90% of the time, it seems reasonable to design for that feature.
  9. Yes, definitely an interesting topic. First, I think 6 handicap is too high to really think about this. I honestly think you need to get closer to 1-2 before real club face control comes in. I want to be someone who works the ball both ways into the pin, but I've decided I can't reliably do it. With Irons, my stock shot is hopefully a little draw. With a left pin, I'll try to work towards it. With a right pin, I just try to hit it straight and hope it doesn't hook. I know you'll say, I should work on my cut, but I'm in the monte camp of just trying to hit the straight/small dr
  10. Obee, what changed to help you close the deal? This is something I always struggle with and haven't seemed to find a way to crack it. If this is in another thread, I would love to read it.
  11. I'll only add that you need to get a good caddie, so search for some recommendations. I've been exposed to 6 caddies at Bandon (carrying my bag or someone in my group) and 2 were excellent, 2 were average, and 2 were bad. It's not a guarantee that you'll get a good one and I was frustrated to pay $120 for a bag carrier who didn't know much about golf.
  12. I'm guessing lack of international travel has made Bandon a more attractive option this year (even more than usual). People with cancelled summer trips (golf and non-golf) are stuffing them into the end of the year.
  13. Bobby Dean at Barton Creek is very good. I believe (could be wrong?) he is the only outdoor trackman in the Austin area. The range is good and he has all the latest stuff. Much cheaper that club champion too. Very easy to book and work with.
  14. Thinking about this question a bit differently, what do you think the median round looks like for a standard +1 handicap? This is obviously a very good player capable of shooting in the mid 60s occasionally, but I think a lot of people are overstating how good these guys look on a normal day. On a hot day, sure it can be unbelievable. But what would their stats be for the 8th best round in their handicap differential? I think it would looks something like 8/14 fairways, 11/18 greens, 3 birdies (hit a par 5 in two, roll in one 20 footer, make another 6 footer), get up and down 50
  15. I'm not sure if you meant this literally that good players never leave themselves more than 15 feet from the hole or if this guy had a heck of a day, but it's really important to understand how inaccurate this idea is. We think pros stuff it all the time and make every 10 footer because the leaders on TV do, but most don't each week. The best player on the PGA tour averaged just under 15 feet from 100-125 yards last season: https://www.pgatour.com/content/pgatour/stats/stat.074.y2020.html This means that a good D1 player is most likely averaging over 25 feet with a wedge in thei
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