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  1. Try measuring from insertion point of the iron heads to where graphics start to appear on the shaft on your irons vs your friend's. Also, aren't the Callaway's taper tip and the Titleist parallel?
  2. Jordan 5's in Black/Metallic and Wolf Grey. Size 11.5, brand new in box. Just a tad too narrow for my feet so I'm letting em go. $300 shipped for each pair. Callaway Mavrik Max 10.5 driver. Right handed, with REGULAR flex shaft. Played one round with it and just didn't get on with it. Comes with headcover and tool. Yours for $290 shipped. JPX919 Hot Metal Pros. 6-GW. Built by Will over at Peoples Clubs. Standard length, 1* upright. UST Mamiya 780 SMACWRAP shafts in F3 flex, with labels facing down at address. Lamkin REL ACE grips. Condition is what I'd call ve
  3. Wolf Grey's are coming next month. #shoegamestrong
  4. Took the 12* Max head out for the first time yesterday and it was stupid easy to hit. Trajectory was nice and high like I was expecting but not as strong as the 10.5* standard Mav head I had out a few days prior. I now have 10.5* and 12* heads in both models so it'll be interesting to see how this shakes out. -Ron
  5. You wouldn't even need to send them back to Ping. Take them into your nearest, reputable golf shop.
  6. Have moved on to another driver and don't need to be tempted by this one. VA Composites SLAY shaft in STIFF flex and is cut to a 45.5" playing length. New Lamkin grip. Right handed. Take a look at the pics, it is in excellent shape. No headcover, no tool. Asking $170obo SHIPPED anywhere in the continental US. PM for a shipping quote to all other locations.
  7. Thx for chiming in @jeffrey r. Do you find the Mav Max head to still be more left bias than the Standard Mav head w/ the weight in the back vs heel? Any discernable difference in ball flight between your two heads? Just curious, but what lead you to have/keep both?
  8. If looking for a little more feel than standard recoil 95's, if you can find them - the UST 780 SMACWRAP shafts are also a great option. As always, go get fit. Have one set of irons w/ F3(regular) 780 shafts and find I can curve the ball a bit easier with them vs another set of irons I have shafted w/ KBS TGI 70's (also regular flex). Went to True Spec and one of the things I found is that the KBS shafts cpm to about 1 flex stiffer than the UST shafts. -Ron.
  9. Looking for some advice from the armchair fitters or anyone with experience using both heads. I'd like to raise my current launch angle without imparting too much more spin. I know, I know...go get fit. Just won't be able to do that for a few weeks, and that's what this forum is for, right? Happy holidays! -Ron.
  10. I'd say they are about are about as big as JPX919 Hot Metal irons. I have the 699 Pros and they are slightly longer, heel to toe, than my 919 Hot Metal Pros. The difference between the 699 models is the thinner top line and decreased offset.
  11. I've done it twice now. I got my new glove on the spot when I went back to the store w/ my glove that had a hole in it. The process couldn't be easier. You are essentially prepaying for your next glove at $4 a pop. Just keep your receipt and it's easy peasy.
  12. We'd ultimately need to know your launch/spin numbers to give you a good starting place. That would then lead to "lower launch/spin --> go with the Sub Zero model". Need more launch/spin, go with the Mav Max.
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