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  1. ProV1 and TP5...with a little AVX mixed in on cold mornings.
  2. I say this with the utmost respect, but what does mid-level golfer even mean? Is that a mid-hcp'er? Sooooo many factors go into what separates a mid-capper from a single digit guy/girl. 1 "mid level" golfer may be able to take advantage of tour level spin around the greens but want a ball w/ a firmer feel. Something like a ProV1x may fit the bill, even with moderate swing speeds. The next "mid level" golfer may list soft feel as the # 1 priority with mid levels of spin a close second so maybe a Q Star Tour shows up for them. Are you mid level because your putting is trash but your ball strikin
  3. This is why you don't sell the old until the new is in hand. Learned this one during COVID as well.
  4. I've received one counterfeit shaft in about 15 shaft only transactions (approx 5 years). On a larger scale, I can only recall 1 counterfeit club in nearly 20+ years on Ebay. Buy from a reputable seller and you should be good to go.
  5. So I've been playing a mixed set for 3 weeks now. 6-7 in zx5 and 8-PW in zx7, Modus 120S. Wow, such a joy to play. Was initially concerned about lack of spin (I am a very shallow, low spin guy), but I'm getting such great height on my approach shots that this has been a non-issue. As long as I'm putting a good move on the ball I'm being rewarded with increased carry and adequate stopping power over the previous sticks I've been playing. A lot of this is confidence/trust in my recent swing changes but I'm enjoying the feel and playability of these irons A LOT. The only issue I'm having is a pre
  6. That's pretty damn good. I went with Mizuno's new ST-z for my new 5 wood. They also offer Motore F3's at no upcharge. The Motore shaft is smooth yet so stable and has helped eliminate my left side miss (I'm RH).
  7. Wow, can't believe this thread got so much input. But as someone else pointed out there are different types of grass all over. I'm good here in SoCal with half my waffle towel wet and never need a brush. I am not a digger tho. Wet the towel before teeing off on hole 1 and again at the turn and I'm good all round.
  8. VA Composites Slay, then moved on to a Raijin. Dispersion seemed to tighten up a bit with the Raijin.
  9. It depends. Based off your description I would have said Titleist AVX. But you didn't say anything about spin needs.
  10. You may not be able to get a weight YET. I'm sure the aftermarket will support this soon enough. Is hotmelt an option for you?
  11. I was just about to add Mizuno ST-Z as well. Liked my 5 wood so much I just ordered the driver!
  12. Long story short, picked up a Mizuno ST-Z 5 wood. From its weight to feel, it just seems to fit me very well and more importantly this stick has basically negated my miss of a hard left. Has the Motore F3 in 7s. I'm enjoying this club so much that I am considering ordering a Mizuno ST-Z driver w/ a Motore F3 in 6s. Unfortunately, none of my local shops has this config for me to demo. Anyone around here play the Motore F3 7s in their woods and the 6s in their driver?
  13. This is not correct. I've ordered 2 sets now at stock specs and neither were at 1/2" over.
  14. Were you fit for them? If not, are you playing them with a shaft you have played before with better results?
  15. Think of the shaft as a device to help with your timing. Too weak and the shaft will feel loose in the swing. Too stiff and you may not get it to release properly with your swing. Sounds like you've grooved a nice swing with your current irons. If they work, I wouldn't sweat a shaft change.
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