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  1. The Mavrik Pro is not a better hybrid.
  2. Play the ball that helps YOU score your best. My 84 was likely achieved differently than the next person's. I play ProV1's and TP5's because I like being aggressive around the greens and want that one hop and stop performance. I am not as wild as I use to be off the tee so I lose a lot less balls.
  3. Find out what your gaps are ON COURSE, then figure out what you need. You may find some redundancy at the bottom or top of the bag and adjusting lofts will get you exactly what you need. You don't have to carry 14 if you don't need to. Hell, sometimes I only carry 7.
  4. And remember that your input = the optimal output. We can give you #'s all day, but if your swing is trash then it ain't gonna matter. Conversely, if you swing like a PGA pro, then our suggestions for number don't mean squat.
  5. Gotcha. Sure, give it a shot. Even if they don't perform the same, you may prefer them esthetically. Just know that going into it you're likely going to be shorter w/ the MP20's unless you bend them strong or your zx5's are bent weak. But hell, tinkering with different sticks is pretty much why we're all here. Have fun!
  6. Were the MP20's not available at your fitting?
  7. Hit them first to see what changes are needed. No use making a change now w/ out knowing what the results would be on course. You could be going in the wrong direction.
  8. Been doing something similar for the past 6 months and my scoring has greatly improved. D, 5w, 4h and 5h, 6-PW, 50, 54, 58. Room for 1 more stick and the gap in my bag is at 180-185yds. 5h finishes just long of that yardage but my 6 iron carry is at 170yds. I don't find myself at that yardage very often so for now I'm taking the lighter bag and taking a bit off the 5h.
  9. Broke 80 for the first time w/ my zx5/7 combo set. Have developed a confidence in them that I've never had w/ previous irons. Great sticks and the only reason I would NOT highly recommend them is I'll be ordering a back-up set at some point and don't need you clowns pushing my wait time out 48709483584739472935 weeks. LOL
  10. The thing is, I hadn't previously noticed these differences in carry until an afternoon round on Thursday. I had a 155'ish yd approach into a green from a great fairway lie, that I wound up nuking over the green. Confirmed the bottom of my iron said 7 iron. Scratched my head on that one. But for kicks, played the same ball on the next hole, a 140'ish par 3. Put my 9 iron on the back of the green. For the rest of the round I was consistently half a club to a full club longer, quality of strike depending. It was VERY strange, but I went with it anyway. I am ALWAYS skeptical when forum members post "I gained 10YDS just by switching balls!!!" but if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it myself. Maybe I just had a particularly good ball striking day, but I'll have to put the TP5's back in play to confirm.
  11. I am recanting all negative comments about non-urethane covered balls. There is a time/place/conditions where these balls clearly perform and today happened to be the day for me. Broke 80 for the first time with a Callaway Supersoft. Greens were VERY soft (plugged a 90yd wedge approach) and definitely could not be as aggressive with greenside chips/pitches but I was consistently longer tee to green. I'll be picking up some e12 Contacts to see how they stack up.
  12. Because I'm a competitive sumbitch and a glutton for punishment. As far as sports go, golf is the most challenging I've ever played. You can be 5, 10, 15yrs deep into this activity and be humbled ANY day of the week. Pre-Covid, I was stoked anytime I was able to put a round in the 90's. Now, I've challenged myself to break 80 w/ out any formal lessons. Have played to even par thru 9 holes on my home course and have posted 81, 81 and 80 in the last 3 outings but mentally I need to toughen up. The wife says I'm clearly addicted...lol.
  13. If you're used to hitting blades and hit them well enough to notice spin/yardage consistency, I would think you'd be fine w/ a zx7/zForged combo. I wouldn't bother bringing in the zx5 at the higher end unless you're talking like 4 iron.
  14. Wow, so it actually provides premium ball spin?!?!
  15. "Wears off easy" is a bit of an exaggeration. I've only heard of this issue here with one other WRX'er...and Srixon replaced the heads without issue. Performance is not affected as it is only cosmetic. If you are concerned, I'd suggest buying headcovers or be diligent with wrapping you golf towel around your irons.
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