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  1. Someone talk me into getting a caddy for Spyglass soon. I am thinking with the shortage of caddies I use one on Pebble but not Spyglass. Thoughts?
  2. Dang bud that's pro of you. Thanks for calling you didn't have to do that. Good to know. Also on a side note, I'll hit you up next time I'm out west. My in laws live in Sunnyvale
  3. Yeah but I meant the pulse of the summer. I would have to think it changes in some fashion, no?
  4. You got a pulse on the caddie sitch? I know you're out that way a bunch. We have July that's been postponed twice lol
  5. Excellent. I fall in that age group. This is very helpful. Thank you so much. My fiance rents in Ballwin now, but I live on the other side of the state. When we get married, we need to find a spot to have zoning for her horse and I am trying to keep my golf interests near and I am crunching hypothetical numbers, hAHA. Once again, thanks a bunch.
  6. Any insight on dues or current membership? I may be looking to move closer the the area in a year and I am exploring my options as it draws closer. Didn't know if you had any smaller insight before I reached out to someone.
  7. Keep us posted! I am always interested in Bay Area golf as I visit the in laws on occasion and am always looking for new places to notch off the list.
  8. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questions 1. Club Champion, Overland Park KS 2. Kansas City, MO 5. +2.5 4. Taylormade M5 9 set to 7.25 5. Yes 6. TSi 3 please 7. Of course.
  9. You saved me. I randomly refreshed this and saw this. Amazing thank you.
  10. timeframe? i am a 14 and I want to wear these so I gotta strike quick
  11. No but Monterey county may shift here if they are on the watch list for a 3rd consecutive day. That would shut down all the indoor services, bars, and restaurants. I'm monitoring this carefully because I was supposed to go out there in a week or so and I may postpone sadly.
  12. I need these bad but I am a size 14. I need a NA release date or someone in Korea to hook me up. haha
  13. Need the black TW print. Held off so hard so I could save my money for those. Will set an alarm.
  14. That sounds good I will have to hit that up! I want to hit up that Jim Nantz store it looks super fraternal and it's stuff I can't really get online.
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