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  1. I demoed the T200 twice and both times they didn't work out- I wanted them to perform -I liked the look and specs of them. The second time was at Club Champion along with several other heads and the 790's won hands down for me.
  2. Would like the search function to be more customizable - The functionality is a bit lacking But certainly glad you added a Launch monitor/SIM area - I like simplicity; So I like the new environment here. Thanks for all the work - This is one of my hangouts
  3. Depends on what your purpose is, but I'm putting one together on a shoestring budget to accommodate my needs- I don't have room to leave it set up - I use my carport and leave my net set up and practiced there for years. Now with my new stuff I store the electronics each time- Takes about 5 mins to set up and 5 to take down and store. So if you want it for a practice area - Golf lessons won't get you there. Golf simulator software makes the practice or hobby more interesting-but you don't need it just for practice- Usually the launch monitor has practice apps which you can also run o
  4. I can't give any comparisons to other launch monitors - But it seems like I get good data for fat shots- But really not sure what good data should be for a fat shot, a shot hit fat is a mis-hit...?? Skytrak has a lot of info out there- There is a new Youtube with the same guy comparing driver with a Uneekor unit that cost $10k.
  5. I'll put it like this - I don't regret my purchase at all - I'm up over a thousand balls now- and I consider it has given me a fair readings. Let me address a few things - - There is a new Youtube vid with a guy that unboxed it- Fresh and he gives it a fair shake In my opinion - He posted in another sim forum and there are a few people that have issues, one of them is not being able to take a practice swing - The unit has a microphone trigger, so if you take a practice swing and hit the mat it activates the unit and throws the unit off- I don't have an issue because my practice
  6. The older you get the more shafting is important-
  7. Not at all. I got the 2019's and came from blades. I just compared the two and the way they beveled the top line on the 790's you might have maybe 1mm more of reveal than my blades. The engineers did a great job on the design to give it a more traditional look-
  8. 2700...Which for the data you get -As their slogan states "Best bang for the buck" ... I haven't compared it with anything else - Those other monitors you mentioned are $10K to $20K which to me doesn't make it reasonable for my use- But what I can tell you is I've hit over 800 balls with the launch monitor and on well struck shots it is very close to what I see on the course or maybe just a bit shy on the launch monitor side; except the driver. The driver seems more shy than what I see on the course- but that could be because our course conditions are really dry right now. I'm going
  9. I bought the unit and have only had one session with it, so I wanted to start with that and give first impressions with a few updates along the way as I use it. · I looked over all the options out there and saw some issues with every one of them – Whether it was Lead times, shipping, support, cost or other things that I took in consideration. · I had read the saga from the ES 16 issues from other places - But from what I gathered from my research, Ernest owned up to it – and they did the best they could to make it right albeit it was a rocky road. Ernest still has consequences from it-
  10. I found the Maxfli Tours to be pretty durable - Urethane/3 piece/Chartreuse Green I think it was 2 dozen for $35/40?
  11. Leather - Best Grips or Grip Masters- I live on the Gulf Coast and I'll never use anything else. Worth the cost to me-
  12. I saw this thread the other day and remembered I had posted in it (found on Pg 30) when I had my Edels SLS's- I have since moved off and onto something else- Only reason I moved on was my goal with the SL's was to lower my handicap and get more consistent. My Hcp was 7-9 at the time when I bought them and it never changed or helped in that regard. They never hurt either and I made quite a few great shots with them. Of course it is probably me and not the clubs - I gave them a run and it was a very positive experience. If you need help getting more consistent; my opinion is SL help you in that
  13. My son bought a set back a bit ago when they had mil/First Resp. deal and they came in a few weeks ago - I thought they were really nice and looked great. I hit his 7 iron and it felt excellent. I really liked them. I thought it was best bang for the buck out there by a long shot- He is still getting back into the game and this is a really nice set-
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