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  1. most likely FST 115 did they come direct from new level? if so they would know otherwise take one grip off and see?
  2. just got it One session ,doubt he will give it much more he got it at trade price so shouldnt lose much I got advice locally that it should suit him he can be erratic but his good shots are very good Hes well off guy not that bothered about the expense
  3. more flighted if you change the tipping from 1/2inch to 5/8th .Standard tipping for the 6 .
  4. what clubhead speed? my friend has the Venus Red in R but thinks its too stiff for him hes 70 too but swings it 90-94mph with Driver
  5. Original YS6 pershing or Purple ice all good shafts discontinued in favour of high price versions Can anyone please tell me why 60g of graphite with some filler costs 200 to 300 usd?
  6. Grafalloy Blue Tour is one of few shafts where the Tour version is softer than the non Tour
  7. thanks seemed much simpler when you could sand the shaft tips and whack them on a hard surface hardest job was getting the shafts out not keeping them from flying off
  8. why did they change from the force fit tapered hozel?
  9. many DTC heads are open source from Kyeoi in Japan
  10. Iomic grips are soft but durable
  11. clearly he did before trying the X7 shafts his swing speed not as high as most here!
  12. for me Nick C is considering a set of used irons I dont think he is in the market for a $500 fitting and endless combinations Saying nobody can help is not helpful in my opinion If he is mid 70s and smooth i think they will be fine slower quicker or fast tempo maybe not If someone i knew at the range was hitting and asked me if the clubs were ok i would answer the same way,have a look at give an opinion
  13. depends on your clubhead speed and tempo say mid 70s with a 6 iron and a slowish tempo and it will be fine
  14. They sent you the wrong shafts then corrected it? Just standard i would think
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