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  1. i had a good look at the ZX5 and 7s I would just play the 5s all the way down to wedge marginally bigger didnt see much diffeence in the offset?
  2. Weigh the shaft for a start Fakes not usually close in weight
  3. punch the pin in towards the shaft and use in conjunction with a 48 drill to cut the section as it moves into the shaft punch and remove,repeat until the pin is destroyed and clear turn club upside down and shake all pieces out
  4. i think same weight but not same flex step pattern nearer hozel with stiffer flex
  5. i would say yes. Good feel but at least the parallel plays soft You can use the tipping chart to get a Rifle flex equivalent Tapers I cant say but more likely to play closer to flex I play the Tour 90s in wedges in a spare set S flex tipped to near 5.0
  6. Hands down best refinishes i have seen. You can see the difference between sprayed and dipped poly for.sure
  7. If you got trees its not windy I grew up.playing a course overlooking Aberdeen.harbour in North East Scotland
  8. so what about sticking to the rules when Tiger dropped in a wrong place at 15?
  9. you can measure the raw shaft for weight 6.0 is 3.20 g per inch and 6.5 is 3.30 per inch there is alot of info about this Howard Jones is the resident expert and a maths genius!
  10. put a 4 iron head back on and clamp it 5 inches and then see what the number is
  11. Billy Bobs selling new Rifle blanks now.no pfc restrictions seems like
  12. now available from Billy Bobs at $35 each no PCF required
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