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  1. i think they have discontinued every one of my favourite shafts over the years Dynamic Gold lite,FM lite,Dynalite Gold,Rifle TX90 tour etc I supose every shaft made has been discontinued with the exception of the Dynamic Gold but they fell out of favour in my late 20s
  2. Maybe s or s plus better at that speed .especially as you caress the irons. But of course you should try.if possible
  3. The label on the shaft clearly said s200 spinner. Was at local golf store.i did comparr the tip.to the dynamic gold shafts in other wedges and it was 1/2 longer tip
  4. The one i saw had s200.on the label! When i compared step pattern definetly.one shaft softer Was in cleveland zip core full face 58
  5. Seems to be a soft stepped s200 shaft.first step 1/2 inch further from hozel than normal Fancy label too
  6. Lot of 300 yard guys on Asian Tour maybe not 340 but competitive distance.Gavin Green a Malaysian hits it as far as anybody Bryson excluded
  7. I believe the zz lite was pretty close to a Tt lite x maybe soft stepped.
  8. Heard similar to pxis or the older Rifles
  9. Would it be cynical to suggest its whatever TT have most of?
  10. never understood any companies declining a warranty when they already made 100$ profit and a replacement would cost them maybe $30 tops In the internet age just takes a few folk that read it and avoid the company its just bad PR !
  11. YS 6 reloaded were available i have a couple I used the yS 6 stiff untipped for years,but alas i was much younger
  12. Graphite Design for sure Fujikura also
  13. Graeme McDowell certainly used them at some stage 7 ??? was the code like a softer X
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