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  1. The poly seems much thinner than i remember. Much better looking and less likely to crack Been years since i did them.for local.golf store
  2. I saw sets today.looked great except the grips were about 10 degrees off! Compared to Mizunos which were bang.on to my eye The jpx 921 maybe the nicest heads i have seen
  3. I know that but why would you design a shaft knowing bottom inch is routinely chopped off?
  4. All the tgi shafts from 70 up play very tight. You can check the measured torque but for me they play low torque.very little twisting
  5. I dont get why tipping driver shaft is normal Shafts are designed for clubs with adaptors now? Can understand.if older shafts designed for through or blind bore
  6. Asian tour but Taworn Wirachant is legendary. Guys in Euro tour claim.best they seen. Averages 27 28 putts a round for years. Hes mad practiser works 6 1/2 days per week.10 12 hour days inc running etc I watched him for 30.mins during a local tournament.was pitching on downslope and spinning chips to a halt.I had to congratulate him when i moved on
  7. Depends on swingweight.If 1.5 longer and E1 would play same.if 1.5 longer and D2 would play nearly to 7.5
  8. Cracking videos 35 quid a club I have Wishon 560s 7 gw would love them.done
  9. For me it plays stiffer far true to flex if you like.Just hit a few balls though
  10. Just on this forum 100 guys might be wary on buying Titleist.All for the costof one head. This is the internet world we live in
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