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  1. Maybe a silly question but are the KBS flexes compatable with the Rifles? ie is KBS Tour 4.5 the same flex as a Rifle given the same build? Thanks I
  2. they are all gold or TI now no standard DYnamics, so all must be weight sorted i used to like the R500s and S100s along time ago
  3. certainly no customs on small packages like that
  4. i love the feel of leather but dont like the1/2 inch at the top which is wider and harder makes you want to lengthen your clubs and grip down beyond it?
  5. thanks Howard i will review this tomorrow as its 11.15pm here!
  6. i think anyone who made these shafts readily available either blanks or custom trimmed to order would sell boat loads
  7. it would help if they were not handed out like sweeties at every pro event or sold to the OEMs for 10% of the after market price I dont believe there is any real reason that any graphite shaft should exceed 100$ i know the distrubuter price of Ventus is around $130 ish,is their any reason why the retail price is 360 for simplying opening one box of shafts and sending out in another box?? the whole thing is getting ridiculous
  8. The same thing will.apply to dtc models as say Wishon Golfworks etc.hard to sell for any money.Hogan maybe exception due to recognisable name
  9. Can anyone explain why the 80s suppose to be stiff freq at 4.0? I thought they were suppose to match the steel flex which would be 6.0? I am.sure their is some explanation!
  10. The mark up on a TM Driver is pretty high too The head costs around $50 maybe?
  11. the "new version" post 2012 are available but only to certfied guys. Dont know what no big ads advertising shafts cut to exact specs Still popular i would think
  12. I think.thats a made for shaft. Tipping 1/2 or full inch would be ok.made fors tend to run softer than after market
  13. Feel softer They make 3 sizes now 1.8 2.0 and 2.3 For me the 1.8.is undersize the 2.0.about standard and the 2.3 slightly too big for me
  14. the 125 is plenty stiff I would say
  15. rifle shafts were electronically measured for flex but still varied in weight>i am guessing tour van models were bang on for flex and weight Rifles only measure the correct flex when assembled to very precise specs.so by varying the specs,length swingweighte etc it was easy to get in between flexes ie a shaft 1/2 over lenghth would have to be D6 to play at the stated flex.If it was d4 it would play 0.2 stiffer etc
  16. Probably 6.5 raw flex but installed slighy longer at d3 or standard at d1 Could be tour issue or installed by a very knowlegable guy
  17. Japan courses just as pristine as usa.Favourable weather mostly except heavy monsoo season
  18. I bought a 80 and soft stepped once Will try tomorrow see if its ok for my ageing swing I get a bit quick and need stifferbshafts than what would be normal.just half a flex or so
  19. Thats lob wedge i meant.sand wedge is great from.softer sand
  20. Eye sole is low bounce.great for compact sand and tight lies.Soft sand needs 12 bounce unless your skilled and have shallow attack angle
  21. Not currently sorry I think the info out there somewhere
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