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  1. Last time I was fit, I didn't need my lie adjusted from standard but I had played my irons 2* flat up until then. I think you make a good point with swingweight, I have a quick tempo anyhow so I'm not sure if I would notice it as much as most people.
  2. I love my ctaper lites, I was fit for them on trackman. Clubhead speed was up, spin was down and ended up gaining 5-7 yards with a 6 iron. My only worry was being able to hold greens with my long irons but I never found it to be an issue.
  3. Wow thanks for the feedback everybody. I completely understand those who mentioned ball contact, and if it doesn't improve with a shorter club then there's no real reason to go shorter. For the most part, I agree with that. But I think there's more to be said about how the length of a club can affect your setup and how your setup affects the rest of your swing. With some decent hand-eye and practice, you can hit the ball dead nuts on the face without getting your body in a good place at impact. To be honest, I don't know if a half inch is enough to really make a difference in those regards. Seems like a lot of the shorter guys (who still have me by a few inches lol) are playing something short of standard. I am going to schedule myself some time on the trackman and report back here with some results, probably within the next two weeks.
  4. I know the old saying and that's the way I felt for a long time. This is golf though and while it might not be broken, there's always room for improvement right? I can't stand over the ball like the guys on tour who are 6 inches taller than we if we are holding the same size club and it makes me wonder if I'm missing out on better things from my game. Also, I haven't hit a ball in 5 months so I feel like now would be the time to make a change lol.
  5. Background: - Planning on ordering new clubs soon (irons, wedges, driver) - 25 years old, 5'4', my wrist to floor is probably 30" with no shoes - I'm a good player, I played division 1 college golf Surprisingly, I have played standard length clubs since I was 15 years old and I don't really choke down on them. My current irons are 714 AP2s with C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts. I was "fit" for these on a trackman in college. Obviously the fitter had me hit some irons that were shorter (I believe they were a half inch short, maybe only 1/4- can't remember). Long story short, I ended up buying standard length. Even though I liked the way the shorter clubs felt at setup, my ball dispersion and contact on the face didn't really improve with the shorter club, Also, I was just scared to change things up - I didn't want to change my swing to adapt to the shorter clubs while playing in college. Now that my competitive career is basically over, I'm curious to know how I would do with clubs that actually fit me. I love the way a shorter club feel and I think my setup is more technically sound with them (better angles), I plan on experimenting on a trackman soon but what do you guys think? I'm not a long hitter as it is (7 iron about 160-163 yards in good conditions) so how much distance am I really going to give up going a half inch or quarter inch short? Should I consider ordering the irons a degree strong? Any insight would be appreciated!
  6. Why is it that every manufacturer has different lofts?It's time for me to upgrade from my cleveland halos. I have a "2iron" that is 19* and "3 iron" that is 22*. I feel they fill my gaps between my real 4 iron and 3 wood pretty well. However when looking at taylormades they have their 4 iron hybrid at 21*, 3i at 18*, and 2i at 16*. Those seem a little strong if you ask me. Am I wrong?
  7. Ft-5 $801. Slightly used Callaway Ft-5 neutral 9* w/ stock stiff Fujikura shaft. Clean crown (no dummy-marks) Headcover included. $80 shipped. 2. Heavily used Tommy Armour Silverback forged Combo 5-PW. Shafted with Dynamic Gold S300 and are 1/2" short. $90 shipped. shipped. PW-7 are 845m (blade) 6-5 are 845c (cavity) Offers are welcome!
  8. I went to an Edwin Watts store on my vacation and decided to hit some putts on their practice green. The holes were cut about a half inch bigger and every hole had funnel like area around it. I was messing around and i could putt a ball 3 inches outside of the hole and it would still drop. Never saw anything like it... except at a putt-putt course.
  9. Differences?I know that the 65s is the shaft that companies put in their drivers and the 60s is the after market one. Has anyone ever tested the specs of and and compared?
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