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  1. Thanks for uploading these pictures. I am still undecided and now looking at some Vega Irons with shimada shafts. But still will be holding onto my Honma wedges. ????
  2. Hi Can I get a little help from you all in regards to 2 shafts please. NSpro 950 stiff in Honma 737v irons against Shimada Tour lite stiff with combo set Vega VC-02 4-6 then VM-01 7-pw. Whats the main differences is these too shafts and weights please. What will one do that the other one wont. Would love to hear your thoughts please. Ian
  3. I have had 3 sets of Honma and noticed a set for sale from America but they dont have the SAKATA factory stamp on them or made in Japan. So I also heard there made from inferior metal when there being made in America. Also some fakes being made in america so made me so worried about buying them and having the shipped over to scotland. TXG Matt hit these and loved them. Said the click of them was very faint definitely less than the p790 and a smaller head but wider sole with great feel. The bit about the manufacturing process etc not being to good as the japan stuff is this all true. Can some
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