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  1. He lost a ball on 2 to make double but has made 3 straight birdies since.
  2. DJ had a 2 Udi on Tuesday but went back to the 7 wood today. JT has a tsi3 on the course yesterday and today.
  3. I only use 3 wedges. I learned from a young age to feel yardages from PW and down. So instead of having stock wedge numbers for 4 clubs and being on auto pilot, I prefer to feel more engaged and feel the half and 3/4 shots more. definitely no Wrong answer.
  4. @mxskier I currently only carry 13 clubs so the top section has my driver/3 wood/putter and alignment sticks. I have midsize grips and a regular Scotty grip and there’s zero issue with club tangle. I’ve put my 3 iron in the back section to test and it’s still perfectly fine. I would say it would be a bit tight with a giant mallet maybe but shouldn’t be deal breaking.
  5. My old lady surprised me with an all black lite stand bag as an early birthday gift. I have to say but it’s extremely sharp and well made. Material definitely feels more expensive than ping/titleist/taylormade bags. Storage is surprisingly more than I expected for an 4.25 lbs luxury bag. No issues with the stand legs which I know people have complained about. It has the same mechanism as ping bags and would imagine a good twist of the wires will keep the legs sturdy. 2 full dividers do the job and don’t have any issues with the smaller top opening. I’m a huge fan of the water bottle pocket. It
  6. Shut up, stop saying things that make sense and let us buy all the new things.
  7. How can tiger practice putting when his back in being held together with glue and staples
  8. Because he was one of the first player out on the course, played and putted lights out and leads the PGA. He is also an unknown. The story line is intriguing because the general public would say go enjoy an alcoholic beverage and relax. He is clearer a grinder so they exploited that. Used to happen with Vijay when he was winning everything that one year. It’s “hack” tv in my opinion, coming from the same network that jokes about announcer jinx’s for 30 minutes.
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing. No coincidences in the world.
  10. Tiger fan boy here and I think we all know Brooks is winning. Love and hate the guy but he looks unbeatable already through 2 holes.
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