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  1. Thank you both for the quick responses. My setup seems obviously flawed now but i never really paid it much attention. Appreciate it!
  2. For the past year I have started to take golf pretty serious and have noticed that I have a problem with early extension. I always video my swings and have been successful at fixing a few of my faults by reading the forums and taking advice from you all. I have worked my way down to a 3 handicap and was happy at how fast I was progressing but I feel like in order to take my game to the next level I need to solve early extension and add rotation to my swing. I have tried everything I could find and don't know what could be causing early extension and stalling of my hips. I know I extend my arm
  3. Unfortunately I am too trusting of friends using some of my equipment. The nike driver is the only thing with damage and it doesn't affect play at all
  4. Up for Sale is: TaylorMade M1 460 cc 10.5 - KuroKage Tini 60s shaft. Original Headcover ----$275 - In good condition. See pictures. Grip in like new condition Nike Flex Driver 10.5(adjustable)- Diamana blueboard 60s+ shaft. Original Headcover and Tool- $75 - Used for a season and does have small paint chips on the rear of the head and couldnt get green stuff from driving range mat completely off the bottom. Winn Dri-tac midsize grip worn condtion Taylormade Tour Preferred Wedges 54 and 58- pair for $50 - 58 has 10 degrees bounce while 54 is ATV grind. Winn Dri-tac g
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