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  1. Srixon sticks to their two year cycle, likely you won't see anything from them until around August this year for new wood line, the Cleveland's RTX wedges I believe release around the same time frame. The RTX4 and the Z85 woods line came out Aug/Sep of 2018. I do agree the XXIO lineup is along way from being sexy tho the XXIO forged looks very similar to the Z585.
  2. Buddy of mine just got his first ace. Congrats to him. This had sparked a conversation between our group. I would like to hear from those who aren't apart of the ever elusterous club of Aces...would you trade 15% of your distance forever for an ace? That's the number I'd be willing to give up, what would you give up?
  3. seems to be a theme here but Skechers go golf elite will not let you down. I've worn mine for 2 years until the sole wore out, now i have Adidas 360 Tour XT SL. A shoe for each side of the price spectrum neither of which will lead you astray.
  4. Crimson25 said: Is there no TX version? X being put in play on tour? I don't believe a TX version will be necessary, based off of my limited experience with the Ventus, my typical miss with any previous shaft I've used(most current was KURO KAGE XD 70x) was left or hook left. Now, I've only had 2 range sessions with it but Ventus(7X) has almost all but eliminated my miss left. Even when i try to over power the shaft i'm getting great results. My CHS rests between 115-118mph and i would say i load the shaft relatively hard. Again this is with only 2 sessions with it so there is a learning
  5. I'm a big fan of the Z Star and XV, I only have 1 issue with last years Z Star line of balls. I get maybe 6 or 7 holes out of them before the seam on the cover starts to reveal itself. I've brought this up to customer service and they've told me that they have had similar complaints and assure me that the performance will not be hindered. Though it is really bothersome to me to look down and see what looks like a crack in the cover at times and be confident that its going to perform. My question is have you addressed this with the 2019 version and if so what have you done differently to make
  6. I have read the reviews on the 1000's from back in 2015?? or so. Always wanted a set but never had the pleasure. Love the satin look of those. I have some TC-910 CB's that feel fantastic, I would bet my right n-t that those 1000's are heavenly. They're not. They're pretty dead feeling no matter the shaft. Aesthetically, one of the most beautiful, performance wise they were very underwhelming. I would try a Maltby TS1 head paired with a reliable shaft. Has a fairly high MPF rating for an MB type iron. Snow will melt soon Stone! Though they look the part i wouldn't go as far as calling
  7. Any thing Srixon has made in the last 6 years or so have been fabulous with their VT soul. The blades are a touch larger than most other brand which lend themselves to be "easier" to hit or more forgiving if you dare use forgiving when describing a blade. Side note if you get a chance to try them hit the Exotics CBX blade, these really surprised me.
  8. I would say other than some very subtle visual differences(RTX4 slightly more compact than RTX3) it all depends on where you strike the ball most often. The RTX3 they moved the CG towards the toe of the club and the RTX4 they moved it back towards the middle favoring heel side slightly. I believe they added another grind to the RTX4...for me the RTX4 is visually more appealing. I've played both and performance differences are minimal. Know where your miss on the face tendencies are and go from there.
  9. TM is going to host a skills competition at Top Golf Las Vegas (light up the industry) and the winner(Athlete) will be signed on to help host a show to design new equipment called Balls Vs Balls
  10. January 21st is the info release date for new blades..at least that's what I've been told by Srixon service reps
  11. I have confirmation that the new "blades" info will be released next week. bSpoke with a service rep and they are releasing info on the 21st.
  12. From what I hear it's going to be 18 no-charge options, including Tensei(non pro models) white, blue, orange, Kuro dual silver tini, Bassara, and complete ATMOS lineup.
  13. GOLFCHANNEL This was due to use. Warming up on the range before a round and was devastated when it happened. Hit a ball and crack I look at the club and the broken off piece was sitting in the club head. This was one of the only clubs no matter what else I tried nothing could beat it. Callaway was terrific in replacing the club head with an Epic SZ for me but its just not the same, so sad......
  14. I absolutely loved my 816 until this happened
  15. I will agree with this statement. The new line is phenomenal but the 3 wood is much to upright for me. I believe the lie angle on this is 59* with most other 3w manufacturers run somewhere around 55*-57* range. These can't be adjusted either. The only option Srixon had to offer was to use a shorter shaft. My Epic SZ 3w is an absolute bomber!
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