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  1. I know you can’t say anything if you have seen the driver but is it something to be excited about or is it just going to be a driver for people that don’t have the new epic for say.
  2. The apex name for a driver would be pretty cool
  3. I am hearing they are going back to the rogue. Does anybody have any information?
  4. I have tried a ton of polos including Peter Millar, Rhoback, Nike, Adidas, Under Amour, Greyson and RLX but my personal favorite is Holderness and Bourne.
  5. How long did it take to receive the wedge from fairway golf?
  6. Is Callaway going to release a new MD wedge this fall?
  7. On David woods Instagram it looks like Jason day has some ping g425 woods in the bag
  8. I hope they come out with a tour stand bag again
  9. Did you see any performance gains over the sim?
  10. How many more sleeps till we get all the info?
  11. What was your first impression? Did you see any thing better than your current gamer with the sim2
  12. He is hitting sim2 100 percent but he started out hitting the sim and then said let’s see what sim2 will do and you can see it if you watch the video on barstools Instagram
  13. What is the release date on the vt2? I hope it isn’t like a 4/1 or later like some of there releases
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