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  1. Does anyone know the colors of the new driver?
  2. The tp5x ball is the longest ball I have tested but just not enough spin so if they could combine the tp5x and tp5 I think it would be the ultimate golf ball so hopefully they figure out a way to do so
  3. Maybe we get a look in November at the masters at the new woods
  4. The way everything sounds to me it will be a flagship model
  5. Will Nike release the new Rory shoes at the masters or the beginning of next year?
  6. Hopefully it’s something special like he is thinking!
  7. Will we get a new pro v1 and pro v1x this coming year or did they push it back due to covid?
  8. I can’t say for 100% something is coming but I would say 99%. There is to much money for Taylormade to leave on the table to not bring a new out especially since golf is booming
  9. I know this is out of the question but a milled one would be perfect
  10. I hope there is another spider besides the fcg coming next year
  11. The black and white multi weave belt is on NDC
  12. Does anyone have a ideal when these are dropping in the U.S.?
  13. I have no knowledge about them whatsoever but I would almost guarantee they will have a thinner top line and probably a little less offset so more of the staffers will play but I could be bad wrong
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