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  1. For me a lot of this is what you're used to. I play blades so when I try a super game improvement iron I swing like I've never swung a club before. Then usually decide it's not worth making the adjustment. I loaned my brother-in-law a set of 87 Wilson Staffs a few years ago and he said the same thing you did about the MacGregors, they all went about the same distance.
  2. I think you might have let the age of the clubs get into your head a little. There's no reason that you shouldn't be able to hit the Eye 2's about as well as you do your G400's, unless the shaft or lie angle is way off for you. If you take time to get comfortable I bet they will be fine.
  3. When the old Ben Hogan site from the Spalding years was still up they had these spec charts for clubs going back to the beginning. I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to finding them. I'm pretty sure all Equalizers from 72 and before were at least 51.5, maybe 52.
  4. The older irons had higher lofted Equalizers. The sets I have from the 50's and 60's measure about 52 degrees.
  5. I've only hit these in simulators at stores, so I don't have real world experience. But my impression was that the Blueprint was the most user friendly of the bunch. But I was a little annoyed by the weight plug in the toe. If I could get any of those for the same price it would be a tough choice between the 620 and MP20. I think I would end up with the MP20. It has a more appealing look at address in my opinion.
  6. I saw a 6 through Pitching Wedge set of these for $29 at play it again sports in Tampa. Great looking set of irons. I would have bought them but i didn’t want to try to get them home on an airplane.
  7. I wonder, at any given moment, what percentage of golf courses have a set of Ping Eye 2's being played on them? I bet it is very high. I see them all the time.
  8. This one is a keeper. It fits me far better than a shiny new one.
  9. Here is some empirical evidence. The picture on the top is the women's 7 iron and one in the middle is the 1957, men's, 7 iron. Both have three rings on the hosel, so they're from the same year. If you count the grooves you will see that the Women's iron has 7 full length grooves and 5 partial grooves. The men's has 8 full length grooves and 5 parials. The groove spacing is the same on both. So that is one difference between the women's and men's version. It also shows that the women's version has a shorter blade top to bottom because there is less room for grooves. Th
  10. My obsession with Precision irons continues. I found this Women's set on Facebook Marketplace. It had been there for months under the listing "Vintage Women's Golf Set". They have the smaller diameter women's shaft that was being used at the time. I new they would probably have a different hosel bore, but what surprised me is that there are other design differences. The blade length is about the same as my other "3 ring" Precision's, maybe slightly longer. But the head seems smaller, possibly to conserve a few grams of weight. They are lower profile. The sole is
  11. I had another bucket list find at an estate sale this morning. I've passed on two Scotty's at garage sales in the past. The first time I didn't have enough money in my wallet, the second time I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a fake. But I wasn't going to let this one get away. They let me have it for a very fair price. Original Titleist Grip
  12. Sounds like you want to play the blade long irons. That's my #1 criteria on bag construction, what I want to play. I think you should play them.
  13. None of the Hogans were forged in Ft. Worth. That was the company headquarters and they were assembled there. But, they were forged at the Cornell Foundry in Chicago until 1994. The 94 Channel backs were forged at an unknown location, probably China. Then Spalding bought the company and forged the 99's in Endo Japan, as the Jeff Scheets article says. I haven't been able to confirm where anything after that was forged.
  14. I have a few 2003 Apex irons that have a single dot on the "d" side of "forged" and a few that don't. I doubt that has anything to do with whether they were Endo forged or not. I can't anything on where the 2003's were forged.
  15. I've heard that there is going to be a cabretta leather shortage due to the pandemic for some reason. So we might see prices go up across the board.
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