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  1. I like to play with them. I've got about 60 sets of irons now. I've played with about half of them. Many of them have bad grips that will still need to be replaced. I don't score quite as well when I switch over to a different set. Usually 3 or 4 strokes difference. There's also an adjustment going back to my primary set. It's fun to mix it up though.
  2. My basic rule of thumb is to always buy classic leather bags for $10 when you get a chance. If nothing else they are a great place to store your extra clubs. Looks like the Ram bag you found is in better shape than mine.
  3. I've found that out of the older Mizuno models only the forged ones have much value. Nobody cares much about he older cavity backs. Having said that $1 a club for a complete set is a no lose purchase. If you like them enough to play then great, if not you would be able to sell them and get more than your money back.
  4. I used to charge a flat rate of $15 to ship a set of irons because that usually covered it. Then I got hit with a $40 shipping charge for a set that was apparently going to some out of the way place. Nearly ate up everything I was hoping to make. So now I choose for the posting to calculate shipping. The listing will show a different shipping charge for potential buyer based on their location. Last week I had someone pay $44 shipping on a $70 iron purchase.
  5. This was great info! I love doing this sort of thing myself. A set of Muirfields is on my list of must haves. I wanted a 2 iron to play with my MP14's but I bought an MP29 2 iron rather than 14 because I wanted to maximize the distance I could get out of it. It has 18* loft rather than 20*. It's also a better fit with my MP37 and 33's.
  6. They had a $550 tag on them and included a 54* Equalizer. They are sold now.
  7. Does anyone know anything about these irons? Found a set of 3 to P at Goodwill, but I left them there because the collection is getting a little out of control. They are in great shape though. Wondering if I'm missing an opportunity?
  8. I told one of the guys at the store that I was surprised to see them so soon. He said you'd be amazed at how often people pay $1,400 for a set of irons and bring them back as a trade 2 weeks later and buy something else at full price.
  9. It seems a little early in the life cycle to see these on the used rack at Golf Headquarters. But there they were. These are great looking irons. One of my complaints about the Ft Worth's was their thick top line. They got the look at address exactly right on these. I will own a set eventually.
  10. A few companies called gap wedges F wedges, I know that Hogan and Mizuno did. Probably some others. Some called them A , Approach Wedges, like Nike and Callaway still does. Ping has a U wedge around that loft.
  11. In 2005 Tiger was playing the original Nike blades. They were designed under Tom Stites, the head club designer for Nike and former Ben Hogan engineer. He answers the question about whether or not they were made by Miura in this article. https://www.golfmagic.com/news/golf-news/tom-stites-special-part-1-tigers-clubs/6885 The answer is absolutely not. Here's a quote from Stites. "I’ve heard that for a number of years now and I welcome the chance to respond to it. Never in the past, not now, not ever, will any of the Nike irons that Tiger plays be forged Miura products, that’s a fact." I
  12. I'm glad someone asked this. The idea with this shaft was to thin the shaft walls and move the weight to the grip end which should help increase club speed. They are supposed to play like the Apex shaft of the same flex number, but they just don't seem the same to me. I've wondered if it's because the grip is two big because I'm stretching normal diameter grips over the fat butt or if it's because the weight distribution is too different. The thing I know for sure is that they are a pain to re-grip. I think it's the same concept with the Vector shaft.
  13. I probably would have done that deal for $90. I had similar parking lot deal a couple of years ago for some Hogan Apex II's. It was hard to do a good check on the spot and I got back and realized I had a couple of mismatched shafts and a missing 6 iron. Seller mailed me the six iron and I spent another $20 replacing the irons with different shafts. So I guess it worked out.
  14. Finally found a set of VR Pro blades, and a Pro Combo 2 iron. Great feeling irons. I may have found something that can replace my 99 Apex's.
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