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  1. This device is perfect for working on face angle in your stroke. It's also very good for lag putting, you can figure out distance(feet) for varying lengths of back stroke length. What it does not do is give you visual feedback on what this mean when you see the hole vs your ball. You can work on this by walking off your putts when you are playing to give you a general idea of feet. It also helps if you can get to the practice putting area some to work on these distances you are dialing in.
  2. I haven't even been able to get a round in, but stopped for 20 minutes at the putting green and putted for about an hour or so on an ExPutt and I seem to have the best results with as light of grip pressure as I can get away with without dropping the club.
  3. Rolled some putts on my ExPutt for a bit. Seem to be doing pretty well with the face at impact. I seem to want to cut across the ball for some reason more than I've previously done(I can live with this as face at impact is soooo much more important). The face seems less hot than my SpiderX. I make my 10 foot stroke with the DF and I seem to be short quite a bit, I expected with the ball so much more forward I would need a shorter backstroke, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. It could also be an illusion and I'm making a shorter stroke since the head is so big and the ball is so far forward.
  4. My factory second putter with an OG 3 grip should be delivered today. Ordered it after getting a remote fitting online a week or 2 ago. Going to give the OG grip a shot at first, but may end up getting a Press II if I'm not a fan of the OG. Looking forward to seeing how she rolls!
  5. Without being able to try either in person would you recommend a Press II 3 or OG 3 for a DF 2.1 putter @labgolf
  6. Perfect, that was the use I was thinking of with them, and that I could probably get away with just 3.
  7. What's everyones thoughts on the CT10 bundle? I would assume these would be used for wedges for better tracking on short shots and chips etc?
  8. Day 1 with me after day 1 protocol and a few of day 2 and 3, day 3 is definitely a new feeling for me really turning through the ball.
  9. My planemate got delivered today. So how did everyone go about their protocol? Day 1 Protocol on day 1, Day 2 Protocol on day 2, 3 on 3 Or day 1 protocol day 1, Day 1 and 2 Protocol day 2, 1, 2, and 3 on 3 Did anyone do multiple days of protocol on their first day?
  10. Exactly. I need every bit of help i can get out of a 4 and 5 iron. I think they just extended it to the 7 iron so they could show off their blingy new tech on more clubs than just those 2. But I'm sure there are some older golfers that could use more height out of there 6 and 7 as well.
  11. I can deal with the hideous topline if it allows me to get a 4 and 5 iron in the air. I can hit towering shots with a 7 and 6, but when I hit a 5 iron it goes the same distance as a 6 with 0 height. Not sure it was needed in the 6 and 7 though. Carbon fiber is in 4-7 I saw.
  12. Hack here that's been with the one length since the F7. Each iteration has been a HUGE jump from year to year. I'm curious if this will be another huge jump that i'll move forward with. Been edging down to the mid to low 90s with the f9 after shooting 100s at the start of the season. Not sure if I'll stick with the f9, upgrade, or maybe test the waters in variable length again. I'm a new golfer that played 3-4 years before switching to one length, and now have played 3 seasons with one length. I'm a little scared about a transition back to variable length. :D
  13. > @airjammer said: > Mine just attaches to my belt at my belt loop past my right hip pocket. Most of the videos you see the band doesn’t even move from the back pocket area until after impact What weight resistance band did you use? The lightest 10 pound one you could find?
  14. How many out there have done a DIY method that actually moves along the belt line? Thinking about grabbing a resistance band and trying for a DIY model until January when I hopefully get my order delivered.
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