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  1. No idea, as my last experience with GI's was in 1999 with a set of Big Berthas. Thought they were OK, but not very good in getting out of the rough where I spend most of my time. Went back to player's CB's and dropped a couple of handicap points, then switched to blades in 2003 and went even lower, and that's pretty much where I've stayed since then. YMMV, but they work for me.
  2. Guess I count as an "Other", as I'm still using Nike Vr Pros. Really can't see that changing until I wear the grooves out to be honest, as for me, they are perfect. Easy to use, long and feel fantastic.
  3. I enjoyed my 917 D3 for a couple of seasons, but the biggest issue with it for me was the 917 F3 I bought at the same time, both with the same shaft. If I caught both of them out of the screws there was around 10 yards between them unless I got some good rollout with the Driver, and given how much easier it was to catch the F3 properly, I ended up using that most of the time instead. Replaced it with a TS4 late last season and saw an instant bump - gained 15-20 yards in the fitting, and an extra 10 mph ball speed on Top Tracer, albeit with range balls. So I'd say if you get a chanc
  4. Don't entirely agree with this, various manufacturers have been experimenting with Tungsten plugs to move the sweet spot into a more central position, meaning the modern blade tends to be a completely different proposition to one from even the 90's.
  5. Considering how unpopular I am with the wife for spending 200 quid on a putter this close to Christmas, I may wait a while before trying the low hands out To be fair part of the purchase came from looking at my existing putter collection. A couple of Newports (including a Scotty AOP), a few #9 style, a couple of classic 8802 style - but nothing approaching a mallet. Got to have all the options available now haven't i?
  6. Most of my putters now are the #9 style - two main ones being a Scotty Del Mar 2013 and my trusty Nike Method 003. Always loved that style of putter - sort of an 8802 with a bit more "forgiveness" if you don't catch the putt out the centre. Always had a heavily arced stroke, and line up with the ball off my left foot so they've seemed ideal. Only slight issue I have with them is 4 foot and in - fine in bounce games and scrambles, but with a card in my hand I still get anxious on short putts, which leads me to "over close" the putter on the way through and miss left. So as an experi
  7. That's a good find - I remember how hard they were to get hold of when they were a current model. The 2 iron was OK, but took Nike 3 months to ship me a 1 iron.
  8. If I was going to go all one brand it would be Titleist, as they are solid in every area. As it is I still prefer Nike irons and wedges, but when they finally get worn out Titleist replacements will be top of the list to look at.
  9. I've got TV Align on my irons, MCC +4 on my wedges. Much more flexible, and I have a tendency with the Align grips to strengthen my grip too much with the left hand, the normal grips keep everything loose.
  10. I've always gone with lots of thinner layers rather than anything too thick - traps heat better and means I can still swing. So usually: T-shirt Under Armour Base Layer Polo Shirt Sweater Gilet Plus a snood and a woolly hat. That combination plus a hip flask in the bag keeps me warm no matter what the British winter throws at me. Only exception is if it's cold, windy and raining. In that case I'll sack it off and play PGA 2K21 on the PlayStation instead.
  11. Not sure about the P7-MB's, but from what I can tell the P7-TW's are pretty much the VR Pros with a TM badge on them. If I had to replace my VR Pros they are the first place I'd be looking.
  12. *Predictable answer klaxon* It's the Nike VR Pros. Tried a few now but always come back to these - all the benefits of blades you would expect, and a level of forgiveness that you wouldn't. As long as you aren't so far out on the toe that's you've run out of grooves they will perform as expected. Other notables I've tried: Hogan Apex 99 Nike OG Blades Mizuno MP-14 / MP20 Vega VM-01 All buttery smooth, but not quite as easy to live with as the VR Pros.
  13. If I had the cash floating around I'd probably get a set of AP2's to use in winter, just to take the wear off my VR Pros and give me a touch more bounce for when it's wet. Sadly I don't, so the Pro V1's and Nike RZN's go away until spring, and out come the AD333 and Tour Softs instead. I usually drop my 58 degree wedge and go 52/56 instead, as a low bounce lob wedge is somewhat challenging when it's soggy underfoot.
  14. It can for me - mostly as the bits they add into irons for "forgiveness" - massive offset, chunky top lines, extra metal everywhere don't actually help me very much. I don't have any issues finding the middle of the club to be honest, where I do struggle is keeping the clubface square on the way through. My mishit with an iron tends to be a big pull, and I personally find offset and more weight at the top of the club face exacerbates that massively - so I've stuck with blades for about 20 years now. At least with them I feel like I can control one variable (distance), so swing properly and I'm
  15. About 20 years ago I was lucky enough to go to the University of St Andrews, and as part of that you got a ridiculously cheap Links Ticket - like £82 for as much golf as you liked over the year on 6 courses, when a round on The Old Course was £70 - so took full advantage. Played a few rounds on the New and the Jubilee, building up to the big one - TOC of course. Wasn't paying a huge amount of attention to the score on the way round - was just soaking up the atmosphere and marvelling at the size of the greens. We got to the 17th tee, and being a cocky 18 year old playing off 7 thoug
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