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  1. Snap. Bought myself a TP Ardmore 3 towards the end of 2020 after holing 6 putts in a row in the shop with it. Started off brilliantly with it but things slowly got worse. Decided to persevere with it but just ended up a jittery yippy mess on the greens who specialised in 3 putting from 10 feet. Put the Method 003 back in, and I'm back down to 28 putts a round, and far more comfortable over the ball. Biggest surprise for me was the TM TW Grind sand wedge. Never thought I'd move on from my Engages, but this this is awesome. Great out the sand, easy enough to open up if I'm short sided - I love it. Great of full shots too.
  2. As someone who has used various Nike blades for as long as I can remember, I can fully endorse this message. The VR Pros are a step up in performance and ease of use, even if they don't quite feel as buttery soft as the originals, and the P7TWs are the VRs with a TM badge on them. 620MBs are also worth a look, or if you want to look further east the Vega VM-01s I demoed felt remarkably similar, and were soo easy to hit.
  3. I will admit my major misgiving about simply ordering one with a Rogue Max in it was the weight - a 50g difference between my 3 and 4 iron is going to be incredibly noticeable I would have thought, so after thinking about it and reading your feedback, I'm glad I haven't ordered. This is why I want to wait to try something - not only to see if I'm happy with graphite or would get on better with my trusty S400, but I'm also interested in the Graphite Design shafts thanks to all the great feedback so would love to try one. They are a £100 upcharge with Titleist over here in the UK, so not cheap, however if they are as effective as they sound it will be a bargain in my view. Also keen to try the Ventus, which I think may be zero upcharge but will check. You aren't the first person I've heard this from admittedly, which is another reason why I want to try one before I order. One of my usual golf buddies has the same P790 2i with the HZRDUS Black in it and he is not a fan at all and is currently trying to sell - says it's far too low spin to be consistent, and tends to use his T100S 3 iron (with X100) instead. Interesting feedback about the Smoke, as I had a look at a U505 with a 6.0 fitted, and I found the same thing as you - a lot of whip in what was supposed to be a stiff shaft. Have also heard a lot of good things about People's Golf, sadly I'm in the UK which will make sending clubs to him a bit more costly, but there is a local chap who is highly thought of, so will give him a ring when I'm ready to sort the top of my bag out. Sadly I'm going to have to put the idea on the back burner for a month or so, as my rangefinder now refuses to measure anything over about 120 yards so am going to have to use the vouchers I was going to use on a 3 iron on a new one of those instead, so will be revisiting once my house move is done and dusted. I will definitely be keeping all of your excellent feedback in mind, so thank you for your thoughts on this....to be continued.
  4. Sad thing was I really struggled to get anywhere local who could let me demo one - I kept getting a sucking of teeth "Well sir, that Driver is only supposed to fit 10% of golfers out there so we don't have one, but can I interest you in the TS3?". In the end I went to my local American Golf (the UK's big box store), they got one in from another store, and let me try it up against the SIM, G410 LST, Cobra SZ and Mavrik Sub Zero. The G410 was close, but the TS4 was the 2nd longest and by far the straightest, and the only one I could reliably hit a draw with. Awesome Driver though. It's like a bigger 917 F3, which is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Ooops, left that bit out I dropped the 50/54 and 58 and went back to 52 / 56, treating myself to one of the TW Grind MG2's. Best move I've made to be honest, has simplified things around the greens no end.
  6. Titleist TS4 w Even Flow White 6.5 My trusty Titleist 917 F3 w Rogue Max 75x The 3 wood has been in my bag for a couple of seasons now, and probably won't leave until I cave the face in as it is so reliable. However the TS4 has been an utter revelation. Almost as reliable as my 3 wood, much longer than my old 917 D3, and I can hit baby draws with it all day. Fairly typical of my golf however, to find Titleist's hardest to hit model the straightest I've ever used.....
  7. I'm probably not as fast as you (108 mph with Driver, 104 with 3 wood), but if it helps I carry both. Both go around the 230 yard mark but are for totally different situations - 2 iron is for off the tee on tight Par 4's or into the wind, hybrid is for the rare tee shots I need a hard draw and anything off the deck. Before I dropped my Lob Wedge I used to just carry the 3 Hybrid, as it was close to a Driving Iron (818 H2) but I had to be careful to avoid it going left. I realised my 58 was spending most round sitting in the bag (I'd open up the 54 instead), so I dropped it and put the extra club in at the top. I'm far more comfortable hitting partial shots with wedges than I am further up the bag, so it's working well for me at this point.
  8. I've been playing VR Pros for 3 years now and am also incredibly shallow on the way through - in all honesty, I find the VR Pros impressively forgiving for a set of MB's if you catch it a couple of grooves too low, I find I don't lose much distance at all - it's more if I catch it out the toe, or tee the ball up too high and hit a few grooves to high they tend to get punishing. Luckily my miss is heel side and I've stopped using tees on anything below a 4 iron so am getting a fairly consistent contact with them. However one set with a bit more help I have enjoyed using are the 718 AP2's - I got similar results to my VR Pros with a little more help out on the toe, even if the feel wasn't quite as good as the Nikes. I have had a quick demo of the T100 in a net and it seemed very similar, if maybe not quite as forgiving at the AP2's, and if I was looking to switch to cavities they'd be getting a thorough investigation. I'd also probably look at the ZX7's and P7-MC's.
  9. Apologies for posting and running - in the middle of a house move at the moment with lots going on. However I have managed to get into my local golf store and have a look around, and sadly I'm no closer to ordering anything. Currently getting a lot of blank looks when asking about the T200 Utility Build and pointed towards the U505 - which I'm sure is great for some people, however I took one look and instantly discounted it - far too big, too much offset for me. This actually came up when I went in store last week and they are investigating what is possible. They don't reshaft clubs themselves but send them off to specialist to be done. Sadly they only seem to offer steel, however I am currently considering replacing the C-Taper with a trusty S400. However the mishits question is an excellent one, as for whatever reason, I seem to have more issues with missing the centre of the face on my 2 iron that I do on any other club in the bag, other than maybe Driver. I suspect this is because - purely subconsciously - the C-Taper does feel a bit more stout than what I'm used to, so I am swinging harder at it to try to load the shaft properly. So I am going to spend the time waiting for demo T200's to land by working with my current 2 iron to see if I can develop a bit more consistency with it. Thank you for your feedback everyone however, much food for thought.
  10. Haven't tried the EXS but I have spent the last season with a TS4 in the bag, and I've found it a pretty incredible club. About 15 yards longer than my old 917, and bizarrely considering how low spin it is, it's the straightest driver I've ever hit.
  11. Hi Folks, I'm currently playing a Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 iron with a C-Taper 120S, and a combination of the increasing value of the thing and the horrible feel of the shaft on mishits has made me consider other options. I am very interested in a T200 Utility Build in a 3 iron this time to fit into the gap between my Hybrid (240 yards) and my 4 iron (200 - 210), however I've encountered the issue where none of my local fitters have one I can try, so if I'm ordering I'll have to order "blind". A couple of questions: 1) I'm looking at graphite but I'm not a huge fan of the Hzrdus RDX that comes as standard with it, so was looking at other options. I'm a massive fan of the Rogue MAX 85X in my 3 hybrid, as I find it easy to load when swinging smoothly, but doesn't turn to jelly if I want to hit it a bit harder, and I love the flatter trajectory I get with it. Would it be a disastrous idea to try the same shaft in a 3 iron? Does the feel/performance of a shaft change much depending on if its in a hybrid or long iron? 2) I play my irons 0.5 inch longer than standard - should I be doing the same with a Driving Iron, or just leave it as it is? Also happy to hear any other shaft suggestions - my irons have DG S400 TI's in them which I also love, so a graphite shaft with a similar profile would be awesome.
  12. The original "Ribbed" models weren't that popular or well known over here - in fact I hadn't heard of them til I bought my current irons which came with a set. Loads of people at my club using the "Align" models though, both TV and MCC +4. Only clubs I won't fit them to now are my wedges and Driver as they don't work with the adjustable hostel very well.
  13. I've gone back to 52/56 this season and am loving the simplicity round the greens, and don't miss my 58 in the slightest when I can just open up the 56. Up top I go: 9.5 Degree TS4 3 Wood (917 F3, 15 degree) 3 Hybrid (818 H2, 19 degree) 2 iron (Vapor Fly Pro, 17 degree) Then 4 - PW. There is a bit of overlap distance wise with the 2 iron and 3 Hybrid, with both good for around 230 yards. 2 iron is a cannon off the tee but troublesome off the deck, hybrid is limited off the tee but more versatile on approach shots. Seems silly to have 2 clubs that go the same distance but I've loved the options for my long game this season. Index has come down 1.3 so it's obviously working.
  14. I've just picked up the TaylorMade MG2 TW grind in a 56 and it's a fantastic wedge - classic shape, decent feel and plenty of check. I always swore by Nike wedges - and if I could have found a brand new Engage I would have gone with that, but I'm finding this an excellent substitute. It's effectively an Engage Dual Sole, but available new.
  15. I'd say it depends on your typical mishit. I've just been out for 9 with my VR Pros and spent most of the time hitting the ball a couple of grooves lower than ideal, and every one has still ended up on the green. If I'd been catching it out of the toe I would have had a bad time. So I'd say if you're normally higher up the face our out of the toe then the T100/S would be the way forwards, if lower or heel side get some forgiving blades, like the P7 TW.
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