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  1. I've played this game for about 30 years now, and have watched Drivers increase in size from my initial Taylor Made Burner (not the bubble shaft one, the one before that) all the way up to the 460cc monstrosities we see today. For me 460cc is just too big and I feel like I lose accuracy with them - not because of any particular issue with the club, but I can't help swinging out of my shoes with them, whereas with smaller drivers it's a bit more controlled - closer to how I hit my irons (never more than 95% of full whack). All my most successful Drivers have been sub 460cc - TM R300
  2. After learning to play golf in the late 80's with blades, then following the herd to move to cavities, I moved back to blades about 15 years ago and haven't looked back. I'm guessing it's because I learned with them, but I just don't get this idea that they're impossible to hit. Maybe it's the blades I'm using, but the "sweetspot" doesn't seem any smaller than the cavities I've tried. Caveat is my miss usually heel side rather than toe, and low in the club rather than high, but even then, results are no worse than a "Player's" cavity like the 620 CB or P7 MC. OP I'd say if you've t
  3. Had a phone call earlier to say my new toy had arrived - was never 100% sold on my 917 D3, felt good but never really seemed to pop off the face. So went for a fitting and ordered this: Titleist TS4 with EvenFlow T1100 6.5 65g. MUCH more like it. Seem to have picked up about 10 mph ball speed and around 15 - 20 yards based on Toptracer with crappy range balls. Cannot wait to get it out on the course.
  4. I think so - I went for a Driver fitting about a month ago, and tried the SIM, Cobra SZ, G410, TS3 and TS4, and the only one I could turn over reliably was the TS4 - everything else was either straight or moved left to right.
  5. In order to put a set in the bag I look for: This top line Little Offset Weight at the bottom of the club to stop me turning it over Solid feel Playable sweet spot
  6. After years of using a Driving Iron I tried out a Titleist 818 H2 a couple of years ago and was instantly smitten. It replaced a Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 iron, which was incredible off the tee but less useful off the deck unless the lie was perfect. Yardages are similar (230 - 240) but I feel like I have more flexibility with the H2. Peak height is actually slightly lower than the old 2 iron and I can move it both ways if required. Difference off the deck is night and day however - for eg yesterday I had a bout 240 left into the pin, but was sitting down in the rough slightly behind a tree. With t
  7. Must admit I only really tried a Pro V1x in anger this season whilst looking for a replacement for my dwindling Nike RZN stocks. I found a dozen of the 2017 model in a local store for £30, so thought I'd take the plunge as the price was decent. Good ball, flies high and stops well, but not as good in the wind as the RZN Tour Black and seems slightly shorter off the Driver for me. I also found the cover not quite as durable as the Nike, with heavy yellowing after hitting trees and a couple of small cracks appearing in them at times. Could be because they are 4 years old, but then my RZN's are t
  8. bodhi555

    Pro v1 392

    Folklore back in the day was that if you lined the ball up on the "seam", so around the Pro V1 392 text you get an extra 10 yards or so due to the way the ball was made. Great balls, preferred the Tour Accuracy TW's though.
  9. To be fair my retail 6 iron is a slightly different spec - the Satins are +0.5 inch and have S400 Tour Issues fitted, the retail is standard length with an S300, which may account for some of the difference. Finding the Satin ones was a complete stroke of luck for me - I ordered a set from GolfBidder in the UK for £210, and they arrived with Satin heads and Tour Velvet Ribbed grips - didn't think any more of it until I posted them on here.
  10. Seeing as they are available in lefty I am happy to suggest the Nike VR Pros - haven't felt anything that comes close to them, even Mizuno. Soft but not mushy, crisp but not clicky.
  11. I believe all the retail heads were forged by Endo in Thailand, then sent to the US for assembly. I had a similar sticker on my OG Blades. My VR Pros had no stickers, and have a Satin finish rather than chrome. Still trying to determine if they were a refinished retail model, or if they came from The Oven like the other Satin models. Can't see a serial number anywhere, which doesn't help. I have a retail 6 iron which I bought to try ages ago, and the Satin one seems to go about 10 - 15 yards further....
  12. Head looks more like the 917 D3 to me? Prefer what I've seen of the TS4, but then I would say that, as I have one on order.
  13. I know all the received wisdom is to give yourself as good a lie as possible - I just think sitting 5mm off the ground isn't the best lie I can get - it's on the ground as if I was playing from the fairway. I've actually started doing it on longer clubs too. For eg if I'm using my Hybrid off the tee, and I cannot miss left, drop it down to the deck and get a nice controllable fade. Tried it with my 3 wood too and got the accuracy, lost 20 - 30 yards though. Worth playing around with though.
  14. Pretty sure the P7-TW's have the same tungsten plug in them as the VR Pro's, which I find scary the amount the let me get away with if I'm not on my game. Useable out of the toe as mentioned, but where they really shine is if you catch them a little on the thin side. Typically travel the same distance as one out the middle, just a bit lower with more roll out. I was playing in our Captain's Day a couple of weeks ago, playing a Par 3 into the wind. Tried to give it what I call "The Full Fleetwood" to take some spin off, caught it a couple of grooves lower than intended, and ended up
  15. I could really only go one brand if it was Titleist or TaylorMade - the other have too many products I'm just not a fan of at all. Titleist would be good apart from the wedges, as I find Vokeys a bit too light. Could fit S400's and some lead tape, starts getting expensive though. TM - would probably be the woods. Tried a SIM when I got fit for a Driver recently and was a bit whelmed - went OK, but felt dead off the face and was shorter than the TS4 I ordered. I could still go all Nike as well to be fair, just would struggle with the 3 wood as I broke my Vapor Fly.
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