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  1. Titleist ts2 rdx smoke black 6.0. 9.75* square setting. Currently hitting a TEE cbx 15* 3 wood with stock Kuro Kage silver stiff flex...kind of want to try the Tsi2 16.5* for wood.
  2. Yes. Buying and being fitted for edel wedges has made my game better.
  3. Find a Tour Edge Exotics CBX iron.wood or EXS ironwood. A dark horse is the Bridgestone Air Muscle...low trajectory low spin bullet launcher.
  4. I was a big baller with a 10* Ping WRX TiSI with an AJ Tech Metal X stiff flex and an RUS hosel. Murdered that club...how did I hit thr ball 280 plus with that and a WOUND Titleist Professional 90!!!!!???
  5. Compact from heel to toe, thinnish top line, small amount of offset, satin (not shiny) finish.
  6. I don't know...I think I could make a compelling case to being back bullying and shame on a few other levels.
  7. I don't get the whole shaming thing...play the clubs that bring you joy and happiness in golf. I play Single Length Irons and Variable length Irons and I ha e a set of Ram blades I game from time to time...are they optimal for a 13 handicap? Hell no...does it feel good to hit a little cutter from 140 with a blade 7 iron and stick it close every now and Then? Hell yes. I do not play competitive tournament golf and don't plan on it. Have fun. Hit the ball, find it, hit it again!
  8. MacGregor PMB 2-PW, with original Royal Precision Rifle 6.0 shafts, based off of a 39" 5 iron and 2* upright.
  9. 2015 great big bertha driver, 3, 5, and Divine 9. 3 and 5 are at16 and 20* loft. Factory regular shafts. irons are Mizuno MP H4 5-PW. Wedges are a mizuno jpx 50* GW and 55* sw, and a ping eye 2 LW Putter is a Ben Hogan/Bettinardi Baby Bee she stole from me. she loves Pro v1 golf balls. she hits her driver about 210-220, and is outstanding with her fairway woods.
  10. I have SL for 6-GW..otherwise they are VL irons and wedges. My sw and lw are +1" long.
  11. Dad gum man..Id have at least pad shipping to mess with those sterlings.
  12. I have the previous model the CBX ironwood and love them. Lower launch and lower spin...easy to hit off the ground....does not look chunky...if the EXS Is an improvement...you've done well.
  13. Not sure who posted it, but I bought a used Bridgestone J33 airmuscle 3 iron utility off of ebay with an NV85 stiff shaft for 25 bucks because one of you said good things about it. It is an absolute missile launcher...boring ball flight, laser straight and hits the ground running. Amazing club...and easily one of the best looking utility irons ar address.
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