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  1. I just acquired a Tour Edge Exotics CBX 'iron-wood' in 22*. The thing is absolutely a beast. Very easy to hit, very easy to control, very low spin, and it does everything I ask it to do. I liked it so much that I bought a 25* model and am expecting it to be delivered today. The CBX is the previous model year, I think the new one is the EXS ironwood, and from all I have read, they are very good performers as well.
  2. My sw and lw are not OL...but they are the same length as each other. I play older Callaway forged wedges and they are 36.5" long and 3* upright. My bag is changing a bit...I replaced my kasco k2k hybrids with a TEE CBX119 18* hybrid and a CBX iron wood 22* and am fixing to replace my 5 iron with a 25* iron wood. I love my SL irons but build my bag around what works best for me so I am not beholden to some strict "one length" doctrine. Find out what works for your game...and go post low scores.
  3. Even if it's just a rebadged version of the CBX Iron wood...I can tell you it's a winner. I am seriously contemplating dropping the money for the 25* model to replace my 5 iron. They really are good clubs.
  4. I recently acquired a TEE CBX 119 18* hybrid and a 22* CBX Iron wood utility iron from Doug Mael. Before I get to much into the reviews...all I can say about both of them is WOW! These are going to replace my beloved Kasco K2K 44 and 55 (19* and 22*) hybrids. I still love the Kascos and find them to be the easiest to use, but they have a fatal flaw...dealing with the wind. I played before my last surgery in 25-30 mph wind, and had about 140 yards to clear some water...I hit my K2K 44 (a solid 210 yard club), and BARELY made it over. I wanted to get something that flew low
  5. Underrated indeed. The only reason I don’t have the 22* version is I would hit it to far. My 4 iron is going to be a 190-205 club, and I would probably hit that one a touch to far. They really are great clubs. i have the regular CBX 3 wood and it is a hoss. Truly very good clubs.
  6. I have a 50* GW that is really like an 11 iron. My 54* wedge does pretty much everything around greens and inside of 50 yards except bunkers. The 58* lobber is my 'sand wedge'.
  7. Honestly, when I am 200 out or have a long par 3, hitting the green is just a bonus. I don't worry about the flag or any trouble...I just consider the wind, elevation, and then aim to the right side of the green, swing away and hope.
  8. How about split the difference with a Utility Iron?
  9. Are your pulled shafts real deal Royal Precision Rifles? if so, what flex and what hosel diameter?
  10. I took my MacGregor 2 iron, 5 iron, and 8 iron out today with me to the range. The 5 iron is actually .5" shorter than my Edel SLS01 irons at 37.5" long, and it looks like it's just way to flat for me, probably by about 3*. That being said, I managed to hit a few good shots...they carried just past the 150 flat...not bad for what amounts to a 6 1/2 iron. The feeling, was just SOLID, a deep CRACK but the feel did not match that sound...I don't want to call it 'soft' but I liked it. The 8 iron, was like hitting a strong PW. Same feel as the 5 iron. Up come
  11. I have a 'normal' CBX...it is not the shallowest face, but it sits square, and is easy to hit off the ground. It is a MONSTER off the tee. When they all it a 'spin killer' they are not kidding. I love mine.
  12. I know we are thread jacking this, but I would love to see how a Maxfli Rev 90 compares to the top tier balls today. I mean, trackman numbers and all. Driver, 7 iron, SW...let the shootout begin.
  13. I have my old head. It was one of the first ones from Blade Golf..and I LOVED IT. The 400 was the best of the bunch, but I have no idea where mine is...I think my dad has it somewhere in a shed. My 380 has a rattle in it..sounds like the foam or rattle or whatever came loose. I am going to see about 'fixing' that and re-shafting it at 44.5" long. I loved the way that head felt/sounded...it was as close to a persimmon driver as I have ever seen out of a Titanium head. That driver plus a MaxFli Revolution 90 was as good as it got in 2003.
  14. Just to let you know, I am working on several 'golf club' projects...and none of them are SL set ups. I am working on my "Iowa bag" to replicate what I was playing when I lived there. Driver will be a Blade X380 on an Aldila NV, FW wood will be a Callaway Steelhead 4+, hybrids will be Kasco K2K 22, 33, 44, and 55. Goldsmith Pro-Forged 5-PW, SW, and LW. I did not play a setup like this, but did game all of these clubs at one time. I am also building a 'retro-modern' set. I am not sure what my driver and FW woods will be, but my irons will be a set of refinished Mac
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