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  1. Thanks. I am.in the camp.as having seen my short iron play improve since making the switch. I have SL from 5-GW and my SW and LW are +1".
  2. I have watched a bunch of YT reviews of The TEE C721 Driver and rhe reviews are not very consistent...some.are amazing and some are underwhelming. I am curious if any Wrxers have given this thing a shot and could report back.
  3. I went solely based on results of my fitting. I hit clubs at 38” all the way down to 35.5” with all manner of shafts, lies, head weights, etc. and my best results came at 37.5 with a 2* upright lie angle, 274 gram head, and Padersen 95 gram graphite shafts with LOng iron profile in the 5-7 irons and mid iron in the 8-GW. I got the ball flight, dispersion, spin, and descent angle I wanted.
  4. If I could walk, I would. 3 cancer surgeries, no kidneys, and on dialysis 3 times a week...brother I am riding. First...I want to play all 18, second...if something does happen, I don't want to make my playing partners carry my big a** to an ambulance.or something.
  5. I play on a course that is a links style course right off of the Gulf of Mexico...Palmilla Beach in Port Aransas. The wind is a constant and every day is knock down day. Hitting a knock down is not rocket surgery...just play the ball a bit back, take one or two more clubs, 3/4 smooth swing and it is done.
  6. I went the other direction. I have Edel 5-GW and REALLY hit the 7-GW like a champ. the 5 and 6 iron are good, bu just not as good as the others. I have Tour Edge Exotics CBX Ironwoods in 3 and 4 iron. The CBX's are normal VL 'irons'. I have great confidence in the CBX utilities. Super easy to hit off the tee or fairway and hitting a dandy little stinger off the tee is fun and gets the jobs done. Keep in mind I am also tall and have never felt comfortable with anything from an 8 iron or less in my hands. Always felt way hunched over, bad posture, and inconsistent direction/ba
  7. Scott Cameron is a Ping knockoff. Titleist is the Judge Smails of the equipment industry. PXG is the AL Czervik of golf equipment. The Pro V1 is king....all the rest are commoners.
  8. The Ventus Blue sounds right up my alley. Mid launch...low spin...I get long well.wjth 65-70 gram shafts in the 3* torque range.
  9. That is actually not a bad idea. I love the look of the R9SD...always like that shape of driver.
  10. A little bored, and just looking to eek out a little more distance.
  11. Currently playing a 10.5* Epic SZ with an Evenflow 5.5 at 45" long. Swing is smooth tempo, ball flight is medium to high. I do not do well with low launch/low spin shafts and loft less than 9.5* A good drive will carry about 240 yards and roll out another 20-30. Will occasionally hit a big bomb that carries 260 or so. I am open to anything and will try combos recommended here.
  12. If Edel offered this head in VL setup....they'd sell a ton. The head is compact from heel to toe, has a very good sole design, and is.a thickest top line without looking like Kim Kardashian's derriere. Think of it as a cross fit chick compared to a heroin super model. Feel is very good and consistency in distance is very good. All in all...a great club head.
  13. I hit my hybrid and utility irons alot. I also bought used and did not pay full retail.
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