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  1. A few items up for sale today. PayPal only, prices are as shipped, no trade offers at this time, reasonable offers are welcome. Please feel free to ask questions by comment or PM. Cheers. 1. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 3 Wood (15*). Project X EvenFlow Green 6.0 65 gram shaft (no tipping) and plays at 43". Club is in great shape save for a small blemish near the top of the face. It is shown in the pics. Will split head and shaft. Headcover included. $SOLD (Head Only) | $65 (Shaft) 2. Cleveland Precision Forged Wedge Set (50, 54, and 58). All wedges are the d
  2. Totally could buy in on all that you've said was just my impression finally getting to see them at address and coming from someone who has played the 745s for a while. I would just say for those who cant get their hands on a clean set of 745s that these are as close as you will get.
  3. Have seen some comments regarding this and maybe someone has already created a post but I thought I would share my insight on the offset discussion on what look to be the successor to the famed z745s. While I do not have any comparison pics to show I was at my local golf shop yesterday and was able to get a pov look at the ZX7 at address (4-PW). While I know the specs show marginally more offset when compared to the 745s I did not think it showed at all even into the longer irons (which might even look better). I'm super particular about offset and can confidently say the offset lo
  4. Two items up for sale today. No trades at this time. Prices are as shipped. PayPal only. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments or through PMs. NOTE: Items will be shipped on 3/1 if purchased before that date. 1. Srixon z745 heads. 4-PW. Standard loft and 1* flat. Heads are in good shape but I will let the pics tell the story. Two blemishes that are pictured: One is the ding on the PW which cannot be seen at address and does not impact performance. The second is the very tiny mark on the sole of the 8 iron. It is almost non notice
  5. What was the length of S400s when installed? Standard/38" 5i?
  6. The missing saw is a dead giveaway that they are Wedge Works.
  7. I liked the 785s over the 65s but seeing the new ZX7s makes me pearl clutch my backup set of 745s even harder.
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