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  1. It's really sad this tournament has fallen off so much. The course is fine but the placement on the schedule is a killer. This leaderboard is so bland so ended up turning it off. It's like watching the B team after watching Bryson and JT these past few weeks. Maybe JB can take it tomorrow. @JustsomeguyI had a few dollars on Lowry too. The pickings were slim this week. As for Fowler he is just lost at this point.
  2. snizzle

    2020 US Open

    Agreed regarding Zalatoris. The kid is a stud and if not for stoppage would already have his card. Zach and Louis represented themselves well too. All the talk will be about Bryson...he played amazing today.
  3. No doubt in my mind we'll see Brooks next month at Winged Foot. Same.
  4. The PGA Championship had 96 of the top 100 players in the world. In terms of career achievements I fail to see how winning that event wouldn't be a huge accomplishment for any of the golfers in that field.
  5. Yes I saw some impressive 19-20 year olds playing on the Euro tour these past few weeks including Hojgaard. A few will rise to the top. Also when it comes to RC it's usually the bulldog types like Reed and Poulter that win key matches and not necessarily the big names at the top of the OWGR rankings. I hate to say it but some of the prima donnas are more concerned about their name brand or ego stroking than actually bringing home the RC.
  6. Same here. Some folks dislike the Brysons, Brooks, etc (which I can understand) but these guys are unique characters that are comfortable to bring their own style to the tour.
  7. I'm certainly not ready to bury Koepka. The Masters is right around the corner and I strongly suspect Brooks will be sitting at the top of the leaderboard again that weekend.
  8. It's disappointing. I understand the covid concerns but some of these guys are more interested in the easy fedex cash than actually trying to compete for a major. Maybe the Ryan Moores of the world know they don't have the talent to hang with Rory, Rahm, JT, Brooks, Tiger, etc in a Major Championship. My gut feeling is that Brooks takes this thing.
  9. Despite recent form considered him the best player in the field. Of course gambling is "a risk" but basically picking the potential winner and then having him WD on Saturday hurts. The covid WD's just add another layer of risk.
  10. I won't get into the covid argument but I do know a smart guy who had some money on Grace to win this weekend. It seems a little risky to be betting on any golf at this point with the uncertainty of covid and WD's.
  11. From the little I saw agree the course looks great. I really love the tree lined courses and would pay to see Pat Perez go up against that bear. With that said never been a big fan of the Stableford scoring. It obviously encourages players to be aggressive but in the real world bogies should be as punitive as birdies are rewarded. Anyway it's nice to see some young talented kids like Schwab, Theegala, and Suh doing well so far. Coming out of USC last summer Suh was just as touted as Hovland/Morikawa/Wolff coming out of college but the kid just got lost in the shuffle.
  12. Agreed but I also grew up 5 minutes from Firestone CC. It all comes down to $ and FedEx headquarters is based in Memphis.
  13. Typically yes. The winner will get reduced fedex points (300) and no Masters invite though. The prize $ is typically considerable less then the average full field event too. As already mentioned this year the top 2 finishers will also qualify for the US Open.
  14. This forum has hated Rahm, Bryson, and now Wolff because they had the audacity to be loud or different or chatty. Accordingly Wolff should become the next big superstar on tour.
  15. snizzle

    3M Open

    Wow tough crowd in here. I actually don't mind at all if these guys show a little personality especially in these little scrimmage matches they are doing on Wednesdays. Too many of these young guys don't seem to have any personality at all.
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