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  1. 2 3 sets of irons & a hybrid -- not looking for trades. All prices include shipping -- reach out with any questions Honma TW747P Irons - 5-11 with NS Pro 950GH Regular Flex --- these are brand new, never hit with plastic still on the grips --- $old PING Eye 2 Beryllium Copper Irons - 3-W Black Dot with Ping Microtaper Shafts --- these are in fantastic shape, no rust, barely any ball marks but could use some new grips --- $600 Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons - 4-P with Superfast 65 Stiff Graphite Shafts & Golf Pride CP2 wrap grips (installed label
  2. It could be the insert. The WH OG doesn't have the microhinge insert - which you have probably gotten used to. I had an EXO Rossie and an original WH Pro --- feel was night and day between the two. You also still can get original stroke lab putters from retailers (Golf Galaxy) or from the Callaway Pre-Owned site.
  3. 2 items for you all: 1) Honma Tour World TW747P Iron Set 5-11 N.S. Pro 950GH Regular Flex Steel Shafts -- grips still in plastic -- standard l/l/l. Never used - never hit a ball --- $900 shipped 2) Tour Edge Exotics CBX Iron-Wood -- 19* 3 iron Utility 3H -- Project X Hzrdus 5.5 -- Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 Grip. In great shape - used twice - maybe 10 balls in total --- $old
  4. Looking to sell Tour Edge Exotics CBX Iron Wood 3 19* & 4 22*. They have the Project X Hzrds 5.5 Shaft & Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips. They are in great shape - used twice each - maybe 10 balls in total on each. Price: $225 for both or $125 each -- shipped to you
  5. A couple of things up for sale...feel free to send an offer Ping G400 5 wood - Tour 65 R shaft & GP Tour Velvet +4 Grip (with headcover) -- barely been used - no sky marks or face marks --- $old Ping Hoofer Lite 4 way-- White/Navy/Yellow -- no logos, single AND dual strap, w/ rain cover -- never been on the course --- $old TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls - 1 Dozen (6 x 2 Packs) -- all #5 (no markings or logos) --- $42 shipped Titleist AVX Golf Balls (prior gen) - 6 Count (3 x 2 Packs) -- 2 #3, 1 #4 -- $25 shipped Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver head - no shaft -- in p
  6. Only have 1 item for sale...a basically like new Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag with no logos (rain cover is in the hip pad). The bag has never been on the course - hasn't left the house since it came in. Let me know if you have any questions.MSRP: $210 --- SOLD
  7. Don't advertise that...people may come knocking at your door. That 3oz bottle is more precious than gold at the moment
  8. Only one item to sell... Evnroll ER2 -- 34" -- 370g head -- P2 Aware Tour grip -- headcover (no coin) ---- $250 $235 shipped (or make an offer/trade) Putter is in really good shape - no dings or dents or scratches on the top half, some minor usage scuffs on the sole. Let me know if you need any other views
  9. Latest price drops (all include shipping): -ER2 - $235 -Arna - $OLD -Ping Bag - $OLD -Sun Mountain Bag - $OLD
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I'm a blade guy. Cannot get a mallet of any sort to work or stick for me.
  11. Up for sale...2 putters & 2 bags - prices are listed but open to offers: ONLY THE EVENROLL IS LEFT 1) Evnroll ER2 34” 370g head with P2 Aware Tour grip & headcover - this one was used intermittently this past season and lots of practice on my indoor mat but never fell in love — $235 including shipping or trade for a Scotty Newport (2012 or 2014 or 2020) 2) Ping Vault Arna 35” - this one is brand new with film on head and never been rolled at all — $OLD 3) Ping Hoofer 5-way Stand Bag - with no logos - used twice on the course and is in great shape - includes rain hood — $OLD 4) Sun
  12. Wow - 5 clubs, no driver and under par. There goes the argument that long hitters have an advantage. Skill is skill - and that’s the key to success.
  13. It doesn’t really look much different to a regular side ball marking. I don’t think the alignment of the “pix” to look like a wider alignment area will be as impactful as triple track. Maybe seeing it in person would lead me to have a different opinion - TBD
  14. RZN as in the same stuff Nike used to sell? I wonder if it’s the same manufacturer but got the rights from Nike to manufacture and sell under a new brand.
  15. Which one of the Lamkins are most like GP Tour Velvet? Is the UTX like a Tour Velvet Cord? Or is it one of the 4 or 5 Crosslines?
  16. A double wide with a plumber neck would be ideal - similar to an Evnroll ER 2.2. I have an ER2 - but I putt so much better using a plumber neck.
  17. Love the look of the Odyssey #9 -- even went out and bought the O-Works when it was just on the market. Maybe it was the insert, but coming from a milled Scotty Newport - I could not get myself to commit to the putter. It bounced in and out of the bag until I sold it. I'd be open to give a milled #9 a fair shot again though. Still love the shape.
  18. I think about it more AFTER the bad shot -- but before I swing, every ball is going to be perfect in my head. Too bad the execution does not match the visualization in my head.
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