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  1. Thanks...I don’t have any issues with the SC (current gamers). I’d like to look at 770 or 770/MC combo.
  2. Can anyone compare the MC’s to MP18-SC’s? Or which is a better comparison to the MP-18 SC’s the 770 or MC?
  3. Did you asked about the lead tape and how that might affect the swing weight compared to what your order?
  4. I’ve walked in every round at my club this year (25+ rounds) with 14 clubs. I did receive a Ping Hoofer Lite for Fathers Day and it’s much lighter than my old Titleist bag.
  5. sniper

    T200 vs P790

    I’ve always like the look of P790’s but not the feel. I was in the PGA SS a month ago and hit the 790 6I, T200 7I and I210 7I. I hit the T200 and I210 much better. The T200 was the longest but I preferred the I210. I210 was about 6 yards shorter than T200 based on simulator numbers.
  6. My pro has been invited to a fitting day so hopefully soon on the release. The more I look at the photos the more I like the alignment aid.
  7. I agree with you on the 7I. My concern is what will the longer irons look like?
  8. I shared this in another thread but several years ago when playing with my dad, I played his G15’s for the round. I hit them very high and dead straight. I haven’t particularly cared for the feel of G410’s or P790’s when I’ve hit them but that’s only been with range rocks and ill fitting shaft. I’m a little different as in I look at the short irons in G410’s and think I could play those put the longer irons is where I find the view a little difficult. I’d love to be able to take a full set of G425, etc for about 3 rounds on my home course. I currently play MP-18SC’s. Feel gr
  9. I don’t mind the TSi alignment aid. Seems pretty subtle from the pictures. But I play a G410 and don’t mind Turbulaters.
  10. Agree. I think Ping will be just fine. I love to look at all the new toys but always seem to comeback to Ping/Mizuno irons, Ping woods and Vokeys. I’m planning for another year out of my irons so waiting for the new i210/iblade replacement works fine for me.
  11. Both are great drivers. I recently sold my SIM and now have a LST. SIM Pros...looks and feels great. SIM is Long. Biggest Con is control. While more forgiving than my M3 I gave up control and had more of a two way miss with it. LST...Forgiving with good length. I just received a Ventus Blue to put in the LST which is my preferred shaft. Biggest Con is I can still spin it a bit occasionally but that’s me. It’s a Ping so you kinda have to like Ping products...looks, sound, feel. I like their products so it works for me.
  12. 100% Agree on both. The Anser vibe is not a bad thing either.
  13. For me the two best sets of irons that I’ve had are some Wishon’s and my current set of MP-18SC’s. Both sets were built for me with the MP-18’s built by Club Champion. They feel amazing and I gain confidence feeling like they were built to my specs...swing weights, loft lie, etc. I’d be lying if I said the price I paid for them didn’t keep me from jumping around. The Wishon’s were every bit as good but the price made it easier to move on from them which was a mistake.
  14. That line looks great. Don’t know that I’ll change from the g410 woods. Very interested in the hybrids. I’m not in the market for irons but I can’t wait to see g425’s and the other new irons down the road.
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