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  1. Don’t the new Vokey’s normally debut for the tour at the Las Vegas event(s)? Maybe we see something in a couple weeks for the spring release.
  2. I have a Ventus Blue 7S in g410 3w and it’s no problem. I use mid size grips but nothing special with weights or anything.
  3. I tried this today. TaylorMade TP5X 93.2% and Pro V1X 92.3%. Pro V1X is my current ball. Results show less than a yard difference off the driver and 3.6 yards on the 7i. Green side spin listed as Very High Spin with TP5X vs High Spin on the V1X.
  4. I feel like mine has a seam the same place that yours cracked.
  5. Vokey player but I’m ready to jump to the Jaws Full Toe.
  6. Price dropped to $900! Make me an offer before these go to eBay!
  7. I’m a long time M Grind player. What did you go with in the MG3? Curious about the improved turf interaction.
  8. A year ago I said I would only leave Vokey if I went to Artisan. Now I’m considering the full toe. The MG3’s do look great as well.
  9. Callaway Apex 21 4-PW with AMT Tour White X100, standard length, 1.5 degrees upright. Multi-Compound. Clubs are brand new. $900 shipped in US.
  10. Golf clubs appreciating I could see it being a possibility in the short term due to supply issues. Or are you will willing to pay $550 to have your driver in two weeks or stay at $500 and wait 2+ months? Could happen.
  11. Head over to the thread in Equipment and you can see more pics and specs
  12. Got to take a few swings last night. I do think the feel is improved and the top line is not a deal breaker. Anyone do 3 iron a degree weak, no 4 iron then 5-P? I used to do that for better gapping.
  13. I’m a Vokey player but for that cost I’d head to Artisan. I say that knowing that’s what I want to do though.
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