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  1. Agree it’s a flyer! I have two holes at my course that if I’m in the rough I can bet on a flyer. I’ll take 1-2 clubs less now. This is with MP-18’s.
  2. Given the popularity of the i210 I don’t see how they could not have a cast replacement for it. That’s just my opinion as all the rumors I’ve heard are in this thread.
  3. I wonder if the MMC will have a Gap Wedge like the 921 Tours. I’m playing the MP-18SC but now looking for something with a little more pop to it.
  4. I do the same. I’ve never had any issues. I like heavier heads for around the greens and less than full swing clubs.
  5. Titleist TS3 8.5 in very good condition. 45 inches. Shaft graphics on top in A1 position. GP Tour Velvet grip. $200 Shipped. SOLD! Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6S Titleist tip. Will play 45.5 inches with GP Tour Velvet Mid-Size. Excellent Condition. $200 Shipped.
  6. And NO i210 replacement this year!
  7. I was the poster above that said KBS Tour. When fit into the CTL by Club Champion they matched them with the Tour V Wedge for me. I didn’t care for the Tour V Wedge but it’s another option to try.
  8. I’m a CTL player and have been for the last 3 seasons. As this season has started I’ve noticed some left wrist pain. I would occasionally have pain on and off depending on the amount of practice and play but this season I’ve noticed it after one round. I just returned from a golf trip and it’s definitely achy after 4 days of golf.
  9. Seems very thick at the top on the toe side. I’m assuming there is a CG/forgiveness story behind it.
  10. I thought it was basically smoothing out the grind lines on the M and D grinds to make it faster through the turf.
  11. I’m doing the same. I have a 45.5 DI-6S and I’m waiting on a Ventus Blue 6S at 45 for a TSI3. I went ahead an ordered a weight kit so I could put a heavier weight in just in case.
  12. Is there a 58 mid Tour Rack? I never see it come up. May just be out of stock but that is my preferred loft. I’d like to try one with heel/toe grind
  13. Very interested to hear your thoughts! I’m also an M grind 58 player and have been thinking about the same setup you ordered.
  14. Any condition updates for Pine Needles ans Mid Pines? Heading down the 3rd week in March and heard Pine Needles was not in good shape.
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