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  1. 4-PW T200 still in plastic. Tensei Blue Standard Length/Loft and 2 degrees upright. Gray TV 360 Flat Cap standard size. $1350 shipped. No Trades.
  2. I haven’t played a Ping wedge in years but I’m excited to try these! Also makes me want to see the i210 replacement but can’t imagine we’ll see that anytime soon.
  3. @hammergolf bringing the goods. I like the look of i525 and Glide 4.0!
  4. I’m sure the opinions will be divided but I kinda dig the look from the back. Will have to see the address position to form a complete opinion on the looks.
  5. My pro ordered some T200’s w/Tensei Blue for a member. The expected date was 12/4 on 12/15 he was told it would be March. The clubs showed up yesterday.
  6. I really like the photos of the Forged Tec. I want new irons this year and never really thought Cobra would be on my list but it definitely is.
  7. TSi3 Driver and a G410 3W. Ventus Blue 6S in driver and 7S in 3W. I’m sure I could find a longer 3W but this one works for my course (mainly tee club). I have it in the big - position. I’m not the best fairway wood player from the turf but it this one better off the ground than most. I made the mistake of ditching a 3W I liked a couple of years ago in search of something better. This is why I’m not searching for anything.
  8. My pro got his TD LS last week. Looks good. I’d like to see the rest of the line in person.
  9. Can we not just say it’s cool that Jimmy Walker is testing equipment and we got a pic?
  10. At first I thought the M grind might have been different so I asked. PM responded the grinds were the same but something was added to help us use grinds more efficiently.
  11. 1) Yes 2) Range at Course 3) I’d like to dial in my wedges. Trying to get 3 consistent yardages with each wedge.
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